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The internet has completely taken over our lives, and cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. People can no longer imagine not being able to do something over their cell phones, so they can take out a loan or a loan. Nearly 30 percent of Croats use online banking, which is about 20 percent less than the European average. In just ten years, that number has doubled, with an upward trend predicted, especially among people aged 25-34 who use the most of internet banking, studies have confirmed.

Banks, lending companies and financial institutions operate online,


Some fully and some only partially. The most adapted ones are credit companies that do all their business exclusively through the Internet, while most banks can only apply for a loan or loan online, and the rest needs to be done in branches. Lending companies offer online money lending facilities that allow for quick cash withdrawals.

Borrowing money online over the internet means smaller amounts

Borrowing money online over the internet means smaller amounts

Borrowing money online over the internet usually involves a smaller sum of money with a short repayment period. The internet is most often looking for smaller sums of money because they do not pose too much risk to either side. These amounts range from a few hundred kunas to a few thousand kunas which can be easily repaid by clients as soon as possible. This is why borrowing money online is so popular because it provides a quick solution to urgent problems and can be accessed without leaving your home. The client can request it by tram or on their return from work, which means that they can send money online via the Internet via mobile or computer.

Time is one of the most valuable currencies and that’s why online credit products are designed. And all with the aim of not wasting time unnecessarily walking through various institutions and collecting paperwork.

How to borrow money online over the internet?

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It is not necessary to certify the documentation with a notary public or with an employer as soon as the procedure itself is shortened from the application to the approval of the application, which is especially important in emergencies. Borrowing money online over the internet means a smaller amount of money in kuna equivalent, which is why it is not necessary to specify a judge or guarantor as a security measure. Sufficient insurance is the financial orderliness of the client.

It is also important that the account is in no way blocked or protected and that the claimant has regular pay or retirement benefits. The repayment period is up to 5 months, which means that as soon as the client pays it, they can take another loan. And that is what matters a lot to clients, especially in unforeseen situations such as emergency repairs, sudden trips and health problems.

Borrowing money online can be taken by clients with financially tidy accounts. The type of employment is not important in lending, nor is the amount of the pension itself, which is a problem for many retirees because banks do not consider them to be the most desirable clients.