5 designer handbags in Anushka Sharma’s collection to discover

In a host of carefully orchestrated airport outfits, Anushka Sharma sometimes likes to relax. While her personal style inherently takes comfort and functionality into account, that doesn’t stop her from broadening her horizons. The Bollywood star is often seen in standout jackets, sneakers and paired couple outfits with husband Virat Kohli in his spare time. She returned from a work trip to Goa wearing a no-frills black silk dress and comfortable sandals. The oversized shirt dress is cinched at the waist with a drawstring and opens from the knee below. The midi length and airy silhouette of Sharma’s Choice make it a suitable option if you spend time in hot or humid places without having to compromise on style. Scroll forward to find out how she chose to accessorize it and where you find one like hers.

The star chose a monogrammed shoulder bag in the same color

From her vast collection of designer bags, Anushka Sharma has recently favored a particular set of styles to which she keeps returning. With this loose black dress, the star chose a square black Louis Vuitton crossbody bag, similar to the brand’s multi-pocket crossbody bag, which has won its vote more than once in recent weeks. Even with his shoes, the actor opted for functional sandals in the same tone. The result: a head-to-toe black look that looked perfectly put together without appearing harsh.

Having a versatile dress and a trendy bag like Anushka Sharma’s in your wardrobe is a good idea for last minute projects. Wear the number neutral with high heels when you go out in the future, or keep it casual as if you are on the go. We have selected a similar number that you can add to your cart today.

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