5 invaluable life lessons from fashion designer Anya Hindmarch

In her bestselling book, award-winning fashion designer Anya Hindmarch recounts her journey to success – how she overcame fear and doubt, gained self-confidence and continues to run a thriving business and family.

At first glance, Anya Hindmarch is one of those fearless and powerful businesswomen whose career trajectory you read, languish, and frankly see as an unachievable aspiration. But a few lines in his memories If in doubt, wash your hair and that unattainable vision is shattered – that’s what makes it so brilliant.

In her book, Anya talks about her struggles, insecurities, and all that she had to overcome (and still works) to become the successful fashion designer, founder and CBE Award winner she is today. . She intertwines her personal journey with “aha” moments and incredible ideas and advice, so much so that I found myself searching for a pen to jot down poignant points and stick them on post-it notes around my desk.

She touches everything from business and entrepreneurship to parenthood, doubt and self-confidence. “The title immediately grabbed me,” says Clodagh Edwards (CEO, IMAGE Media). “My beloved grandmother had a similar phrase ‘drop the plug’ and maybe that’s why every night I take a bath and when in doubt wash the day, the mood, the oscillation or moment in the plug.

“Anya Hindmarch’s book has a familiar, wise and straightforward approach like my grandmother – it’s a tonic for today’s women’s struggle between the sacrifice of success and the ultimate quest for balance. Filled with really smart practical advice and honest approaches to everyday life scenarios in the context of the luxury world. I devoured it all at once.

We are delighted to have Anya talk about her new book to our IMAGE Business Summit, where she will share tips for continued growth, success, reinvention and self-confidence in a key interview with Melanie Morris. In addition, each event participant will receive a free copy of their book AND have a chance to win one of their beautiful handbags – the Neeson shoulder bag.

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About Anya


Anya Hindmarch is a mother of five, mother-in-law, entrepreneur and world-renowned businesswoman. She is an internationally successful British fashion and accessories designer and the first to host a show at London Fashion Week.

Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Anya Hindmarch, a label renowned for its production and creativity, Anya’s career highlights include a range of inventive and unique campaigns. She put on shows with models emerging from a giant space-age amphitheater and a nifty suburban house that revealed a giant disco ball.

Anya Hindmarch’s Chubby Hearts campaign involved a love letter to London in which the brand hung 24 giant heart-shaped helium balloons above various landmarks in London, gaining international recognition.


Designer’s fire is burning continuously, always coming up with new ideas and the next big thing. Most recently, her Chubby Cloud installation saw 3,000 visitors wrapped up (literally) in her brand when they visited the world’s largest beanbag at Banqueting Hall to hear music, meditations, discussions and bedtime stories and The Weave Project celebrated the Neeson woven tote with a giant art installation that patrons were able to walk through.


Anya started her business when she was just 18 years old. After traveling to Italy to learn more about the handbag business, she created her first “Anya Hindmarch” handbags which were an instant hit. Upon her return to London in 1987, she quickly built up a loyal following and a following for her luxury accessories.

Through hard work and the help of private investment, she was able to grow her business internationally. In 2012, Anya sold part of her business and moved from a joint role of CEO and Creative Director to that of Chief Creative Officer. In 2019, Anya bought out her business in partnership with entrepreneur Javad Marandi and his wife, whose investments also include Soho Farmhouse and Emilia Wickstead, and returned to the joint role of CEO and Creative Director, working closely together. with him to develop the business.

The Anya Hindmarch brand is best known for its innovative successes, including the personalized ‘Be a Bag’ line, the £ 5 ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ tote that allowed you to bring your own reusable bag. for doing your “cool” groceries, and more recently her Custom Range, which includes a range of luxury leather stickers that generated over $ 18 million in the first two seasons.


5 invaluable lessons from Anya’s best-selling book

If in doubt, wash your hair is filled with little nuggets of wisdom. Here are five take-out favorites from IMAGE staff.

1. Fear and excitement are the same emotion.

“Fear and excitement are actually the same emotion. It’s the same, they make you feel the same, and you can decide, do you feel fear, or are you feel aroused?

2. Create new family traditions to meet the needs of your family.

“Sometimes it is necessary to create new family traditions. I am part of what I hope will be a “transitional generation” where we women try to live up to our the example of mothers, although they now often work as hard as our fathers.

3. Self-confidence is like a muscle that must be continuously built.

“Self-confidence is like a muscle. If you force yourself to use it, maybe even beyond what is really comfortable, it gets stronger. Even if they are tiny weights at first.

4. You will always learn, no matter how old you are.

“Like everyone at my age, I think half the time I’m still making up for it. Just because people think I know what I’m talking about doesn’t mean I know.

5. Above all, make sure that your business reflects your authenticity.

“True, authentic behavior – the patchwork of thousands of little experiences and moods, conversations and reactions – is more important than endless big words and catchy campaigns.

Anya’s book is full of ideas for all women, whether you’re a new entrepreneur, a mom trying to navigate parenting, a young employee trying to decide on her dream job, or a seasoned business owner. struggling with burnout. This is definitely the one you won’t want to miss.

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