Accrington woman robbed pensioner’s home before being arrested after leaving her purse

A woman who snuck into the house of an 85-year-old Accrington boarding house before robbing it has been jailed.

At 8.25am on Wednesday March 2 this year, the victim was at home in the Windsor Street area of ​​the city washing dishes in his kitchen when the robbery occurred. The man felt a hand on his back pocket and turned to see Donna Ball attempting to steal his wallet.

The victim recognized Ball, 40, because she had walked into his house about three to four times before and borrowed money from him. However, he did not know his name.

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In an effort to get it out of his pocket without taking his wallet, the 85-year-old grabbed Ball’s wrist and tried to push her down the hall and out of his house. Eventually Ball proved too strong for the victim and she fled with her wallet, which contained around £90, towards Sydney Street.

The victim jumped on his mobility scooter and attempted to chase Ball, but proved too fast for him. When he returned home to call the police, the victim noticed that Ball had forgotten his purse.

Inside the bag were probation papers in Donna Ball’s name, along with a cell phone and various other papers bearing the defendant’s name. Ball, of Queensway, Church, was arrested on suspicion of theft but refused to answer questions put to her during the police interview.

She pleaded guilty to robbery when she appeared at Preston Crown Court last month. Today (June 6) she was jailed for three and a half years

Tony Roberts of East CID said: ‘Ball is a manipulative individual who targeted a vulnerable pensioner. The victim had previously shown kindness and she exploited her knowledge of his vulnerabilities to rob him. I am satisfied with the sentence handed down by the court and hope that Ball will use his time in custody to reflect on his truly appalling actions.