Apple iPhone X is timeless

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Find out why Apple X is timeless.
At the Emporio mall in Delhi, I once saw a long line of people waiting to enter the Louis Vuitton store. It was not a scene I expected to see, at least not in India. But in reality, it was happening. This scene stuck in my mind for a very long time, and I began to wonder how Louis Vuitton had managed to make an expensive handbag “popular” without losing its exclusivity appeal.

Five years ago, Apple tried to make smartphones in the same league as an LV bag or a Gucci roll. He turned a $1,000 iPhone X — a luxury item as it was then called by the press and trade pundits — into a popular culture phenomenon. Not only did the iPhone X trigger a cultural reset. However, it also established the “premium” smartphone market around this time, long after Vertu had left the scene.

I follow Apple and the smartphone industry closely, so I’m always surprised how Cupertino managed to make the iPhone X a bestseller when a lot of people thought it was a product. niche. Since the original iPhone recently turned 15, I thought about going back to the iPhone X, which is one of my favorite iPhone models of all time. I was able to use the “renewed” iPhone X for almost a month, thanks to the folks at ControlZ who shared a unit with me. Here’s how the iPhone X made me feel in 2022 and why I still think it was the “it” game-changing phone for Apple and the entire tech industry.

The iPhone X’s 5.8-inch display, which did away with the home button and extended the full width of the device’s bezel, was the main selling point of the device. With swiping gestures, the home button has been changed. As a result, Apple introduced FaceID, previously replacing TouchID, and consumers were no longer able to use the fingerprint reader on the home button.

Although the iPhone’s tenth anniversary price of $1,000 was widely criticized, the market reacted dramatically differently than analysts had expected. Everywhere you went, the phone turned heads for being so stylish.

The iPhone X, often referred to as the “iPhone Ex” by younger and more successful social media influencers, has suddenly appeared everywhere. There wasn’t a single celebrity who wasn’t seen holding an iPhone X. The iPhone X looked like the hottest fashion accessories of the season, like a Christian Dior tote bag or a small flap bag traditional Chanel.

Source: The Indian Express

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