Ardbeg takes Halloween ‘Ice scream’ van on UK tour

The Scottish whiskey label Ardbeg has designed a monstrous “Ice scream truck” that will visit London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The van will be accompanied by a “Smoke monsters“, where the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy brand will organize 45-minute cocktail tastings by reservation. Inside, cocktails will be served to punters, including smoked tea” Cherry lipsmacker “made from whiskey and cola; a” Herbaceous and chocolatey Begroni, and a “New fashioned” made with Ardbeg Ten Years Old.

The vehicle, which took three months and 12 people to build, pays homage to classic B-movie beasts of classic cinema, complete with horns, tentacles and googly eyes.

From the van, Ardbeg will serve ice cream with and without Ardbeg’s smoked single malt Scotch whiskey.

The ice cream was created in partnership with the founder of artisanal salon Ruby Violet and includes “Cookies & scream”, Ardbeg Wee Beastie ice cream sandwiched between charcoal cookies, coated in crunchy mealworms (optional); “Ahhh, no! Bar”, lapsang souchong ice cream with an Ardbeg An Oa caramel center coated in white chocolate; and “Ice cream groan”, a charcoal cone filled with Ardbeg Ten smoked blackcurrant ice cream, garnished with sour cherries and a brittle shard speckled with insects.

Additionally, all three sets of ice cream are available for purchase at Ruby Violet’s King’s Cross Coal Drops Yard store in London from October 22 while supplies last.

From October 26-27, the pop-up will be located in Covent Garden Piazza, London, before heading to Drygate Brewery, Glasgow on October 29, St James Quarter, Edinburgh on October 30 and Castle Street, Edinburgh on October 31.

Gemma Parkinson, Global Brand Manager for Ardbeg, said: “Ardbeg is a tall, bold and untamed whiskey – in fact, we call our main phrases the ‘smoke monsters’.

“Taking inspiration from their terrifically good flavor and the visual playground of the 1950s B-movies, we wanted to create an unforgettable Halloween experience for fans old and new. drinkers a chance to experience Ardbeg’s smoky delicacies through fun and bizarre ice cream sets. “

Andy McDonald, Creative Director of The Persuaders, who designed and produced the vehicle and runs the tour, added, “We love working with the guys at Ardbeg. They allow our creativity to overflow.

“We’ve been working on this B movie concept with them for a few years now, but unfortunately due to Covid we haven’t really been able to bring it all to life. Now with this creepy ‘Ice scream’ truck that looks like a monster and which has arisen from the bogs of Islay, we will be able to show the wonderfully strange world of Ardbeg Whiskey! “

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