AT HOME WITH KAYLA PRICE 7/29: Preparing for Designer Handbag Bingo

Kayla Price and Shannon Barker have too many designer bags to carry!

People, it was like a scene from Pretty Woman. Bag after bag after bag, but we had no one to carry them for us.

In preparation for the 3rd Annual Designer Handbag Bingo, Shannon Barker and I have been tasked with acquiring twenty-two designer bags to use as prizes for the upcoming fundraising event. For those of you thinking “how fun”, we have settings. We were on a budget and needed variety. We wanted handbags that would appeal to attendees. We wanted classics and novelties. So we had to put a lot of thought and preparation into our purchases.

Well, everything was going well. We had seventeen bags in hand, ordered or promised. We even had a lovely associate to safely keep our shopping bags for us so we could collect the last five.

We had a little problem with our credit card, which was flagged by a fraud alert! Soon everything was cleared up and our last five bags were paid for, boxed and bagged!

The ladies of Jordans Place picked out all these cute bags

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we are giving away some amazing bags to attendees this year. There’s the prettiest Consuela bag from Marlene’s Sass and Class in the most divine color, Crema, which has the intoxicating smell that only real leather offers. It is a beauty with which a lucky woman will be able to leave on the night of August 4th.

There are two Brightons and two HOBOs from Lou Nell’s that will cover all tastes. Want the hottest color of the season… green? We have a beautiful green HOBO as well as a beautiful pink one! And then there’s a floral Brighton tote and a stunning tooled leather Brighton bag. Each of them is breathtaking!

Chaney and Craig Johnson are among 26 purse bingo sponsors

This is just a sample of the twenty-six bags (yes, the sponsors have continued to help us) that will be given away at Designer Handbag Bingo. There are styles like totes, hobos, crossbody bags, satchels, and camera bags in all sorts of colors, including gray, black, parchment, hot pink, blue, and camel.

We’ve provided an overview of the designers featured on our Hopkins County Health Care Foundation Facebook page. Go to our page and follow it. We’ll be sharing some of these gorgeous bags in the coming days. You won’t want to miss it!

The Hopkins County Health Care Foundation voted to use a portion of Designer Handbag Bingo proceeds for free mammograms for uninsured women in Hopkins County. This makes Handbag Bingo a fun and impactful night!

Thanks again to all the sponsors, table hosts, ticket buyers and volunteers for making this event possible!

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