Billingham announces Mini Eventer bag for mirrorless and small DSLRs

Well known for its premium line of photographic bags, Billingham today announced a new arrival in the form of the Mini Eventer. It’s based on the original Billingham Eventer bag, but the company implemented user feedback on this design – mainly that it was too big and bulky to be really useful. Therefore, the Eventer Mini, which sits in size between the Billingham Hadley Pro and Hadley Small Pro, two of the company’s popular recent bags.

If you’ve ever owned or even seen a Billingham bag, you’ll be on familiar ground with the Eventer Mini, which sports the firm’s signature canvas and leather styling. It is suitable to hold a mirrorless system, or perhaps a small DSLR, with a few lenses and accessories – the bag has a capacity of 5 liters with its padded insert and 9 liters with the insert removed.

The back of the bag, with visible back pocket. (Image credit: Billingham)

Billingham added a few features to the Eventer Mini that were not present on the original Eventer. It features a fiberglass reinforced grip, which was first seen on the Hadley Pro, designed to provide superior comfort and grip, even when carrying heavy loads.

It also sports a luggage cart restraint strap on the back and weatherproof zippers on the main compartment and back pocket for added security. There’s room for an 11-inch tablet in a dedicated pocket, and the padded insert is designed with removable dividers allowing the user to customize the interior space however they see fit.

It’s built to the BILlingham standard for rugged quality, with both a three-layer waterproof canvas and three-layer waterproof FibreNyte material, which the manufacturer says will never require re-waterproofing. This is, as always, not for vegans, with genuine leather covering the bottom third of the bag for added protection and style. It measures 360 x 160 x 300 mm on the outside and weighs 1.26 kg.

The bag is launched today, with the following color combinations available:

  • Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather
  • Navy Canvas / Chocolate Leather
  • FiberNyte Sage / Chocolate Leather
  • Black FiberNyte / Black Leather
  • FiberNyte Khaki / Chocolate Leather

The Navy Canvas and Chocolate Leather combo. (Image credit: Billingham)

The other thing any connoisseur of BILlingham bags will expect is, of course, the price. The Mini Eventer is listed at a suggested retail price of £ 402 (US price to be confirmed), which sets it apart firmly in the high-end camera bag segment. Billingham features prominently in our guide to luxury camera bags.

Still, it’s built to last for many years to come – and Billingham puts its money where it is by including a five-year manufacturer’s warranty – so if you’re looking for a camera bag that will go the distance, it’s definitely worth it. to be considered.

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