Boise State Football receives single vote in Top 25 rankings

Boise State football has had its fair share of “problems” this season, but after winning three straight, the team (and the fans) feel a little better about it all. Frankly, this season is unlike any other in recent history. A terrible start to the season, a loss to UTEP (we’re still trying to figure out what a UTEP is), an offensive coordinator being fired mid-season, and a starting quarterback LITERALLY quitting the team.


Now Boise State is on the mend — at least for now — and they’re getting noticed. The Broncos are definitely used to being in the spotlight and while you can tell they’ve been there this year for all the wrong reasons, they’re a bit lacking in attention.

Boise State fans know the Boise State football team is used to being RANKED and that may not be the case now – but ONE coach saw enough in them to vote for them. Is this a step in the right direction?

While the AP’s Top 25 has no sign of nearby Boise State — or any Mountain West Conference team for that matter — the coaches’ poll does.

Listed in the VERY last place among the “others receiving votes” in the coaches’ poll? Boise State. Just one vote cast for the Broncos to be ranked puts them on the radar.

Coaches who vote in these polls are randomly selected and no, Andy Avalos is not on the panel – so it’s unknown who voted for them. However, someone respected the team enough to vote for Boise State and THAT must feel good!

On November 5, BYU will be on The Blue – in what is sure to be the most anticipated game of the season. This victory could well make them enter the Top 25.

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