Bradley Peter James Thompson Sentenced for Involvement in Wellington Ice Cream Union | Guardian of Mudgee

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A Wellington man involved in a major “ice” union operating out of town, says he “doesn’t want this criminal life anymore”, pledging not to reoffend after the alleged murder-suicide of his parents. Bradley Peter James Thompson, 28, was sentenced Friday by Dubbo District Court for his involvement in a Wellington drug syndicate dismantled by Strike Force Pinnacle – a 14-month covert police operation – in 2020. According to an agreed-upon set of facts, Thompson helped alleged union kingpin and older brother Kyle Thompson deliver drugs and collect cash payments between June 2019 and April 2020. In October 2019, police said the tapped calls revealed that the alleged union leader had ordered Thompson to provide a blank “- 3.5 grams of ice – to several women. While in Wellington jail between October and December 2019, Thompson was overheard discussing paying drug money into bank accounts and police said he helped the union leader deliver buprenorphine. In January 2020, police raided a m Aison from Swift Street in Wellington that Thompson shared with her partner Brianna Meizer. In the laundry, police discovered a shortened .22 caliber rifle, wrapped in several plastic bags and duct tape, inside a Louis Vuitton handbag that was placed in a pink trash can. After the raid, police overheard a phone call Thompson had with a union associate telling him to check the pink bin and see “if the thing is still there”. Thompson, who was remanded in custody, pleaded guilty to participating in a criminal group, supplying drugs and possession of a shortened firearm. Testifying in Junee Prison Court, Thompson described his upbringing and a series of family tragedies that led to his drug use and criminal behavior. “I saw a lot of walls breaking, drinking and taking drugs and I just wasn’t stable in one place for a while,” he said. Thompson described his brother’s death in 2014, which saw him turn to the use of heavier drugs to “silence the emotions.” He then sobbed as he described, while in detention, his partner calling him to tell him that his parents had an accident in November 2020. left and [committed suicide]. “At first he said he didn’t believe what had happened, and called his brother who told him the police were saying ‘dad burned mum’ and ‘they found gasoline bottles in his car. ”The last time he saw his mother before she died on a video call, and despite attempts to get bail to attend the funeral, he was refused. use drugs, do all I could to exclude these emotions, this kind of criminal life that I no longer want. Now is the time for me to get my head back. I have lost too much now. ” Justice Nanette Williams acknowledged that Thompson’s life had been dominated by a “cycle of tragic loss, ill-health, drug addiction and crime”. She agreed despite his “entrenched” drug use past, there were positive signs of rehabilitation, particularly that he had worked his way up in prison to the head baker. Thompson was convicted and sentenced to three years and eight months in prison, retroactive to September 2020. He may be released in April 2022.


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