BTS: Jin Book ARMY Village Ticket, Jungkook Rides Bus In New 2021 Season Greetings Preview Photos

As fans wait for the BE album to release, BTS shared photos of their wishes for the 2021 season. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook went retro for the first set of photos. Season Greetings. By putting together a set of vintage outfits, they channeled the old school vibe for photos and a video. Now the septet has released a second set of photos as part of the 2021 season wishes and the members are ready to go on vacation.

The new photo series begins with the BTS stitching together for a traditional postcard photo before posing solo and giving us a good look at their surroundings and outfits. The Bangtan Boys boarded an empty bus to pose together for a group photo before the solo photos dropped. In the solo photo, RM looked ready for Namjooning in a light beige men’s beret to match his sleeveless sweater with a white t-shirt underneath. Meanwhile, Jin wore denim overalls with a white t-shirt and a red and white bandana around his neck.

BTS ARMY member Soo Choi took to Twitter and translated the writing of the post. She revealed that the destination on the ticket reads “Bangtan Village” with the departure date of 6/13, the day BTS debuts, and the ARMY is considered the transport company. We love the many creative ways BTS uses to keep ARMY included!

Suga wore a plaid shirt with formal pants as well as a shoulder bag with an inscription that read “BTS”. He completed his look with a pair of oversized specs. Soo Choi revealed that the skyline behind Yoongi is Yeouido, a district of Seoul. J-Hope also posed against one of the sky risers as he wore a white crew-neck t-shirt with the words Love Forever inscribed on it and a shirt placed over it to line up with an open jacket. He wore a beige colored cap and completed his look with a shoulder bag.

Line 95’s best friends, Jimin and V, decided to land on a bridge with traffic underneath and a doubling railroad track in the background. Mochi looked fresh out of a K drama as he stood on a bridge with a train passing him in the frame. With his wavy hair covering his forehead, the Filter singer wore a red sportswear jacket and a backpack on his back. His heartbreaking smile lights up the frame.

Kim Taehyung styled her hair the same way, but opted for a green and white combination. The Sweet Night crooner wore a green sleeveless sweater with a white t-shirt and pants. Jungkook completed the photos by getting on a bus and posing in it. The singer looks charming in a blue and yellow sweatshirt and a pair of thin-rimmed glasses to complete the look. A card was spread across Kookie’s lap as he seduced the camera with his eyes.

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