Buying a vintage designer handbag? eBay has launched a new pre-purchase check

Making conscious clothing choices and buying sustainably is at the forefront of our fashion focus now, more than ever. And, with the Y2K resurgence in full swing, it’s no surprise that authentic pieces from bygone eras are on the rise.

Then there’s the thrill of finding designer vintage pieces, like rough diamonds, that add excitement to the shopping experience.

The growing resale market has seen Facebook Marketplace, Depop, The RealReal and, of course, the original site for selling our favorite pieces, eBay, become the go-to for new wardrobe additions. The only precaution that remains when thrift stores revolve around authenticity.


Between the authentic replicas, the carefully written descriptions, and the fakes and scammers, buyers looking for genuine designer gems must be weary. Fortunately, however, eBay has launched a new “Authenticity Guarantee” for designer handbags listed over $350, protecting and providing an additional layer of assurance for buyers.

From inspecting logos to evaluating design quality and even sniffing leather, the shopping site has used authenticators to give designer listings the touch of approval.

Given that eBay sees a new handbag from cult luxury brands like Louis Vuitton to Prada and Gucci listed every two minutes, it’s a welcome addition for those looking for designer pieces.



“Buying pre-loved items has become increasingly popular – a trend driven by Gen Z and Millennials embracing sustainability,” said Brooke Eichhorn, Head of Luxury at eBay Australia.

“With the majority of luxury handbags sold on eBay used, it’s a great way to give something another life and save it from landfill. And when you’re ready to resell your handbag , it’s never been easier. Scan your authentication card with your phone and you can re-list the item on eBay with just a few clicks,” she added.

You can browse, buy, and sell authentic vintage pieces that have been thoroughly vetted by eBay here.