Calgary Farmers’ Market West: 11 must-try food items

Calgary Farmers’ Market West is here and there are plenty of reasons to visit.

With a popular market already located in the south, the long-awaited second massive location finally opened in West Calgary on August 12.

This second outpost, located northwest of Calgary in the community of Greenwich across from Winsport, is an astonishing 50,000 square feet.

It’s huge, it’s new, and yes, there are plenty of reasons to visit, but one of our favorites is all the artisan and local products for sale. Whether it’s for a quick snack, dinner or unique gift, Dished has made the journey to explore all the options.

Here are 11 of our favorite foods and products you can try at the new Calgary Farmers’ Market West store.

Milky Way Matcha Latte


Dish/Hive Daily

TotaliTea is a family owned loose leaf tea business. He selects the best teas and creates his own handmade blends, such as the wonderful Milky Way Matcha Latte.

There are 14 different flavors of matcha here, in addition to the many other hot and cold coffee and tea drinks on the menu.

This is a great first stop before touring the market.

Raw Milk Cheese, Soft Buffalo Cheese, etc.

Meats, cheeses and European dishes from Luc

by Luke

Dish/Hive Daily

The European meats, fine cheeses, butter and deli condiments here are all high quality and authentic, so you really can’t go wrong.

Need cheese for a party? It is the place.

We recommend trying raw cheeses as a base and making delicious pasta or pizza at home.

Strawberry Almond Cheesecake

Become crazy

become crazy

Dish/Hive Daily

Goin Nuts has been open at YYC since 2004 and serves artisanal snacks, nut milk, granola bars and energy bites.

There are nearly 50 kinds of flavored nuts, but we have to recommend the sweet strawberry cheesecake flavored ones because they’re unlike anything we’ve actually seen (or tasted) before.

Assorted macaroons

Yum Bakery

Calgary Farmers Market

Dish/Hive Daily

Inspired by the neighborhood bakeries you might see in France, this place for artisan bread and desserts is a must-visit because of its great smell.

Macraons are a wonderful sweet treat to take home or enjoy on the spot at the Calgary Farmers Market. Get a matching box and try a few flavors.

Chips and dip

Broth and sauce

Broth and sauce

Dish/Hive Daily

Here, fresh, vibrant and healthy meals are prepared using ingredients sourced from local and organic suppliers.

Specializing in pâtés, dressings and salads, the team here also make fantastic dips. What could be better than bringing home a locally made dip to enjoy with fries? Especially at the start of the football season.

Sweet carrots

Innisfail Producers

Innisfail Producers

Dish/Hive Daily

Innisfail Growers is a unique concept: a cooperative made up of five farming families, within the same market.

Vegetables and berries are the specialties here, along with preserves, salad dressings, pies, crisps, flowers, and more. As everything is seasonal here, recommendations may change, but the mouth-watering sweet carrots must be tried to be believed.

dried bison

Bauer meats

Calgary Farmers Market

Dish/Hive Daily

Bauer Meats offers bison, beef, pork, elk and chicken, ranging from whole meat cuts to sausages and deli meats.

The jerky is what first got us excited – it’s homemade and ready to grab from the shelf. Flavored with teriyaki, bison jerky is a great snack for at home, on the trail or for strolling through the Calgary Farmers’ Market West.

covered pretzels

Master chocolatier

master chocolatier Bernard

Dish/Hive Daily

Master Chocolat uses only the finest fair trade and organic ingredients, so these are some of the highest quality versions of a popular snack you could ever try.

The sweet creaminess of the chocolate, combined with the salty snap of the pretzel, makes us think about grabbing a bag of it before we even get in the car to come here.

gala apples

cherry stone

Calgary Farmers Market

Dish/Hive Daily

Yes, it’s just apples, but these galas from BC are so crispy and fresh, you won’t think of buying apples anywhere else.

These fruits, like all those sold at the Cherry Pit, are a real treat.

Hard Iced Tea

troubled monk

troubled tea

Dish/Hive Daily

Hard teas and seltzers are all the rage right now, so they shouldn’t be too hard of a sell.

Using locally grown Alberta malt and Canadian hops whenever possible, this beer spot also makes sodas and hard iced teas, and the different flavors, like Yuzu Citrus, are a hit.

Bring some to your next party!

Beer & Cocktails


Calgary Farmers Market

Dish/Hive Daily

Speaking of hard drinks, we can’t forget Sips, the spot to relax a bit and have a drink.

Beer and cocktails are an added bonus here and make for an even more exciting getaway. Right now, there’s a batch of homemade red sangria that seems like the perfect end (or non-judgmental start) to a day at the market.