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Every Kevin Smith / View Askewniverse movie ranked from worst to best

Since his first Clerk movie, Kevin smith has built his own cinematic universe of films called the See Askewuniverse. For more than 25 years, Smith’s iconic meta and raw humor brand has reigned supreme in its scandalous world of colorful characters. The View Askewniverse is still going strong to this day, with Kevin Smith Clerk […]

Stand News: Hong Kong court denies bail of two former editors accused of sedition

Hong Kong local court denied bail to two former Stand News editors who were charged with sedition Thursday, just a day after police raided the pro-democracy outlet, leading to seven arrests and the shutdown of the organization. Former Stand News editor Chung Pui-Kuen, interim editor Patrick Lam and Best Pencil (Hong Kong) Limited, the legal […]

The line: a Cuban territory

«Cubana de Aviación announces its flight from Buenos Aires to… Havana! For a few years now, I’ve been imagining these words, with an Argentinian accent, coming from the loudspeakers at Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Argentina. It is not necessary to consult Freud to know that my desire to experience the sensation of traveling again […]

PETE TITTL: Most restaurants held on and we are all hopeful for the future | Food

2021 is gone. At least it was considerably more appetizing than in 2020. And we got back to normal a bit with first a lot of meals in the outdoor parking lot until the vaccinations took effect, the mask rules were relaxed and we had an outlet to ‘get back to normal’ As it will […]

How to go viral and start a business on social media

Women have been among the workers most affected during the pandemic. After being made redundant or quitting their jobs, women started almost half of new businesses in 2020. Here’s how 10 women built their brands on social media, went viral, and generated thousands of dollars. When the pandemic rocked the world two years ago, women […]

Favorite products of VICE readers in 2021

We’ve never met most of our IRL readers, but damn it, do we ever feel like we love you. You taste great, folks, as evidenced by the assortment of luxury sex toys, excellent chef’s knives and the Le Labo deodorant that graced your shopping carts in 2021. It may be the glow of the season […]

Sustainable, Useful, and Fun: A Guide to Christmas Gifts for Millennials

With Christmas days away, everyone is busy preparing the perfect Christmas present for their loved ones. And when it comes to millennials and Gen Z, what can you offer them to add more fun to the festivities? We bring together gift ideas that combine convenience, innovation and mindfulness. Sheldon Fernandes, a 25 year old professional, […]

It’s truffle season: what’s the truth behind luxury?

T ruffles became what the Michael Kors tote bag was until 2013: expensive, luxurious and much sought after, but also sort of seemingly absolutely everywhere. Present on the menus of the capital all year round, the famous rarefied mushroom is in great demand. So how is it possible that we can roll into hundreds of […]

Brands from Ferrari to Nike rush towards a “metaverse” future

Roblox is supporting new efforts on its popular game platform for teaching children – Copyright AFP / File Ishara S. KODIKARA Thomas URBAN The internet’s vision of the metaverse is far from reality, but brands from Ferrari to Nike are already rushing to experiment and build audiences, in part out of fear of missing out. […]

How to Avoid Fake Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Other Social Media

Dennis Creedon was scrolling through his Facebook feed when he saw a stamp sale. The social media website showed an ad offering 100 regular U.S. postage stamps for $ 46, below their face value of $ 58. The announcement noted that stamp prices had jumped in August and warned that they may rise again. As […]

A visit to Eminem’s pasta restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti

Photo: Scott Legato (Getty Images) Of course, there are better sources of restaurant inspiration than half-digested words, but to be fair to the whimsical new palate of Mom’s Spaghetti, Eminem recorded much less appetizing verses. Nineteen years have passed since Em gave up on “Lose Yourself,” which means the song is about a few years […]

Lots of gift ideas for the cooking enthusiasts in your life

At Lifehacker, we independently select and write things that we love and think you will like, too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices accurate and items in stock at time of posting. Finding […]

WALK IN BETHLEHEM: Churches recreate Jesus’ birthplace to take visitors back in time – The Daily Reporter

Volunteers are working to create a stage in Bethlehem as part of the preparations for the annual event, which takes place today at the Brandywine Community Church. GREENFIELD – Live Nativity scenes are a classic part of the Christmas season, with Mary and Joseph watching Baby Jesus, with maybe a barnyard or two nearby. But […]

10 best Gucci handbag look-alikes

Which Gucci handbag lookalikes are the best? Looking for a Gucci-chic handbag without the Gucci price? Gucci is well known for its premium perfumes, colognes and accessories made with premium ingredients and materials. Whether you want a designer brand with Gucci vibes or something cheap and easy that looks like a designer, there are ways […]

Passion for fashion! Bratz gets a makeover thanks to GCDS

While the Italian brand is launching an exclusive collection with Bratz, we find the creative director Giuliano Calza to talk about fashion, nostalgia, and fantasy What’s on your Christmas list this year? Maybe it’s a new laptop, a winter coat, or a candle that is a little more candle than what you would buy yourself. […]

These amazing Black Friday deals on Positive Grid’s amazing Spark amp are still live

Black Friday itself may be over, but that doesn’t mean the Black Friday guitar deals that came with it have expired. Never one to miss a Black Friday sale, Positive Grid is sticking to its biggest discounts on the jaw-dropping Spark workout amp. There are three main offerings to choose from – first, a Spark […]

Friday November 26, 2021 – La Minute Monocle

For the first time in two years, in-person events are back at Hay Festival Winter Weekend in Wales, bringing book lovers together for interesting conversations, storytelling, comedy, music and workshops. “It’s wonderful to see all these people in the room again,” Georgina Godwin, host and festival correspondent, told Monocle 24. The briefing. “It’s so well […]

Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations, light shows and shows

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla .– If you’ve got guests in town for Thanksgiving, you’re probably looking for genuine opportunities and reasons to get out of your home. Here are some holiday-themed events taking place this weekend. 1) Cirque Dreams Holidaze – West Palm Beach Cirque Dreams Holidaze electrifies the holiday season with a reinvented family […]

Northeast Florida Regional Airport Welcomes Elite Airways to St. Augustine

Elite Airways CRJ Aircraft at Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine FL Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine Passengers arriving from Newark on Elite Airways at St. Augustine NFRA Airport celebrates launch of non-stop jet service to / from Newark starting at $ 129 each way Elite’s low-cost flights provide residents with convenient […]

Le Shuttle brings French Christmas markets to UK shoppers

Christmas markets are a great way to get into the festive spirit with mulled wine, Christmas carols, local specialties, fairground rides and more. Shoppers wanting to sample something a little different from the usual attractions can head to Hauts-de-France, which is home to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. The festivities are easily […]

Holiday tables that say “welcome”

By Jeanine Matlow | Detroit News Special After last year’s holiday gatherings were suspended, many people are considering welcoming loved ones back to their homes. To mark the return of those memorable moments, here are some tips for setting up seasonal tables to enhance the occasion, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. As a longtime […]

Questions answered after the 2021 Final 500 season

Who… should you talk about after Season Finale 500? One year ago, Kyle larson watched the NASCAR Cup Series final on TV and wondered what could have been. Now a little older and much wiser after choosing to learn from a mistake that saw him banned for most of 2020 and abandoned by his major […]

Jefferson football coach Gene Cathcart opens up about childhood struggles

Gene Cathcart is ready to speak. For years he has pushed back shame, embarrassment and guilt, but now is the time to remove the stigmatizing layers that have long weighed him down. As a head football coach for 17 years, the last five at Jefferson, Cathcart has always believed that suppressing your emotions is what […]

Why Ecommerce Businesses Need Affiliate Marketing

For e-commerce businesses, generating sales is essential. So, to find more customers and increase sales, we use content marketing, paid advertising and other ways to convince people to buy from us. But there is another important way to create more sales that eCommerce business owners shouldn’t overlook: Affiliate Marketing. For marketing methods like content marketing, […]

Watch now: we’ve assembled a team of experts to test out the new Wonderground. Here is what they said. | Parenthood

What should visitors expect at Madison Children’s Museum’s new Wonderground playground? We asked the experts: children. 12-year-old Olivia Krueger-Hayes takes a jump on Madison Children’s Museum’s new Wonderground playground. A slide gets you out quickly from inside a beehive-shaped hideaway at Madison Children’s Museum’s new Wonderground Playground. Gayle Worland | Wisconsin State Journal In early […]

Common sense with Dominick Bonny – El Cantarito

Join host Dominick Bonny this week as he reflects on some of the worst behaviors we’ve seen from candidates running for the Wenatchee School Board this election season. Next, we’ll head to East Wenatchee to meet Salvador Tovar, owner of Tacos Chavas, and take a look at this new family business located in the old […]

The River: Agreeable October brings back memories of “Licking River Ramble” and Fredericks Landing

By Captain Don SandersSpecial at NKyTribune (The captain of the riverboat is a storyteller, and Captain Don Sanders shares stories of his long association with the river – from discovery to a way of love and life.) October has always been my favorite month since I first came into the world on an October Saturday […]

Master gardener: now is the time to test your soil | Home & Garden

Bring your soil sample to the OSU Extension office, 4116 E. 15th St. By testing and modifying your soil in the fall, your lawn or garden will be better prepared for the spring growing season. Brian Jervis asks a master gardener I was told I should do a soil test. Do I have to wait […]

Big shoulders and lots of vintage: how Lady Gaga dressed for the Gucci house

Earlier this summer, audiences got their first glimpse of Lady Gaga as the infamous Patrizia Reggiani in the High Tragedy Gucci House (released later this month) when the studio tweeted a photo featuring the star with her frosty burgundy icy lips and dyed hair as dark as shoe polish and fluffy as soufflé. Gaga wore […]

Slider Zipper Pouch Market Consumption Status, Size, Shares, Demand and Outlook 2028 Professional Market Research Report | Glenroy Inc., Mondi Group plc., Printpack Inc., Amcor, Berry Group Inc., Amcor Limited, Sonoco Products Company, Sealed Air Corporation, etc. – Puck77

Global Zipper Pouch Market Analysis Report 2021 Topics covered in this report: Market definition, market share and size, key players and manufacturers, driving forces and challenges for growth, current trends and opportunities, risks and challenges, future values ​​and forecast. Global Slider Zipper Pouch Market Analysis Report provides detailed market insights along with critical and beneficial […]

Best fall camping gear: 4 things you’ll want to pack

So you’ve decided to go camping this fall. Great. U.S. too. Autumn is the prime time for camping. Hot, sweaty summer days are over, but cold, miserable winter nights are still far on the horizon. That said, packing the same gear you’ve been using all summer for your fall excursions is a great way to […]

#BTColumn – What it means to be a real man

by John Goddard Men have been beaten in Barbados for several years now, and in some ways we deserve it because too many of us have not accepted our responsibilities as partners, fathers and citizens. Of course, there have always been men who have strived to fulfill their obligations and behaved in a way that […]

As Seen On TikTok Is The New As Seen On TV For Retailers And Shoppers

A column of candy, left, featured in TikTok videos is on display at the It’Sugar candy store on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, on New York’s Upper East Side. Photo / AP Near the Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids at a New York City candy store are fruit-shaped jelly candies that have gained a spot on […]

A guide to restaurants in downtown Greenville, South Carolina

Looking for restaurants in downtown Greenville, SC? Greenville, South Carolina has made its mark on the culinary map with a selection of renowned restaurants. The guests have no shortage of choices, whatever their desires! From a casual lunch to a romantic dinner, all types of dining can be found in downtown Greenville. This article includes:Dining […]

October 2021 Horrors – The Tapes of Poughkeepsie (2007)

Poughkeepsie bands, 2007. Directed John Erick Dowdle.With Stacy Chbosky, Ben Messmer, Ivar Brogger, Lou George, Michael Lawson, Samantha Robson and Ron Harper. SYNOPSIS: Authorities stumble upon a cache of hundreds of VHS tapes recorded by and describing the crimes of a meticulous and sadistic serial killer. It doesn’t appear that a week has passed without […]

Elite Airways announces nonstop service from St. Augustine FL to NYC / Newark NJ starting at $ 129 each way

Elite Airways CRJ Jet Plane Elite Airways CRJ Jet fleet Elite Airways CRJ 900 aircraft Marks the return of commercial air service to the Northeast Florida Regional Airport serving St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach and the greater Jacksonville area The new bi-weekly non-stop service starting November 19 connects historic St. Augustine Beach and Ponte Vedra […]

Best New Zealand extra virgin olive oils announced

PROVIDED Best New Zealand Olive Oil – Best in Show Extra Virgin Oil went to KÄ ?? piti Frantoio Blend from KÄ ?? piti Olives. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the huge selection of extra virgin olive oils on offer, the results of the 2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards will help you. And […]

How Fashionphile’s Sarah Davis went from eBay to leading multibillion-dollar luxury goods resale market

Luxury fashion resale has a time. Thanks to companies like California-based Fashionphile, consumers can purchase $ 2,000 Chanel handbags and $ 800 Manolo Blahnik stilettos for a fraction of the price. Founder and President Sarah Davis was just a law student when she launched Fashionphile as an eBay store in 1999. Since then, the brand […]

Bluebird Crown Brings Designer Brands to Women with Revolutionary Luxury Fashion Boutique

Women can easily enter the world of designer fashion as leading company Bluebird Crown steps up to offer the widest selection of designer bags and accessories available today. BlueBird Crown, an Israel-based online luxury fashion shopping platform that exists for the love of fashion and believes in empowering individuality, continues to make waves in the […]

More and more counterfeit pain relievers are appearing in Anchorage, increasing the risk of overdose

Venus Woods, director of HIV prevention and education at the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association (Four A’s), hands out fentanyl test strips to an injection drug user at the Four needle exchange site A, Tuesday September 28, 2021 in Anchorage. Staff at Four A’s say there is growing concern about the presence of fentanyl mixed in […]

You Can Make $ 1,300 Watching 13 Stephen King Halloween Movies

If you are a fan of horror movies then grab a blanket and some popcorn because this is the right job for you. Once again, Dish Network asks a horror movie fan to embrace the evening terrors and watch and replay 13 Stephen King movies. If that doesn’t sound good to you, maybe it will […]

City of West Haven: Bysiewicz and Rossi visit Hispanic businesses in the city

October 1, 2021 PHOTO – Dr Ralph L. Padilla, owner of the West Haven Animal Clinic at 959 Campbell Ave., holds Gizmo, a Persian cat, with Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, center, and Mayor Nancy R. Rossi during their West Haven Hispanic Business tour on Friday October 1. Bysiewicz and Rossi also visited the Budget Transmission […]

10 absolutely damn gadgets that live in my head without rent

This computer mouse and pool cue combination simulates “authentic pool action using a real pool stick” for playing PC games. Or at least, that was the sales pitch when it launched in 2000. Note that this was not designed for a specific game: the PoolShark was marketed as a device that gamers could use for […]

Are you feeling the rage of COVID? Five strategies for dealing with pandemic anger – News

UAB Clinical Psychiatrist Megan Hays discusses five strategies that can be used to manage pandemic anger and exhaustion. Many people thought things would be different after spending much of the past year and a half in a pandemic. When COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out to the general U.S. population in the spring of 2021, cases […]

Global Luggage Bags Market Report 2021

Global Luggage Bags Market Report Analysis of the Impact of the Pandemic Before and After COVID-19 After conducting extensive primary and secondary research, Market research store has released an advanced and comprehensive report on the Global Luggage Bags Market. The report contains all the vital and authentic information related to the Luggage Bags market. The […]

La Nueva Michoacana makes Mexican frozen treats in Alabama

There is a cool, sweet spot at the culinary crossroads of the world which is the Green Springs Highway, which connects parts of Birmingham and Homewood. But there’s so much more than homemade ice cream and other frozen treats at La Nueva Michoacana. There is ice, of course. Lots – packaged in mugs, waffle cones, […]

Mythic Quest’s Poppy Li is messy, vain, and a great role model for women in tech

At a staff meeting in the pilot episode of the comedy series Apple TV Plus Mythic Quest, Poppy Li – the lead game designer for the fictional multiplayer role-playing game company the series is built around – announces, “I don’t want to brag here, but my team and I have built something remarkable.” From the […]

Sweet Street Treats: Turkish Street Desserts

Having studied in Istanbul, I had the pleasure of trying many Turkish street foods. It gave me invaluable experience with the cheap, quick and delicious delicacies from the streets of Istanbul – although long term health is questionable! We’ve written a lot about street food here before, but the desserts weren’t featured as much. We […]

Mike Copeland: new dining options at Union Hall, Richland Mall, Baylor; Neighbor purchase; Gathering of building permits | News from local businesses

Yours truly wouldn’t claim to know the charms of these features, not being a retro-gaming enthusiast, but diners of a certain age and level of gaming sophistication would certainly find them irresistible. Other additions to the menu of Union Hall’s food vendors in recent months include Curry Up & Wok This Way and Lolli Pop’s […]

Online Theater Gala Auction Open to All | Local News

Want to win a hot air balloon flight closer to home? Or maybe bidding on a bag of dog treats would appeal to you. Travel, goodies and more are among the online auction items offered at the Zephyr Theater Fundraising Gala. Anyone can participate in the auction, even without attending the gala. “An online auction […]

5 invaluable life lessons from fashion designer Anya Hindmarch

In her bestselling book, award-winning fashion designer Anya Hindmarch recounts her journey to success – how she overcame fear and doubt, gained self-confidence and continues to run a thriving business and family. At first glance, Anya Hindmarch is one of those fearless and powerful businesswomen whose career trajectory you read, languish, and frankly see as […]


Here’s a look at some of the best events taking place this weekend, including streaming events that you can enjoy from the safety of your own home. Remember that you can always consult the full calendar of events by clicking on “EVENTS”On our main menu. If you would like your event to be added to […]

Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland, Colorado

Coffee Design is proudly sponsored by Savor Brands, your boost in coffee by optimizing packaging designs, sustainability and technology. Dark Heart has been brewing coffee in downtown Loveland since 2015. Around this time, the Dark Heart Coffee Bar changed from a mobile cart to brick and mortar. In the summer of 2021, the company worked […]

With a location in Denver, Meow Wolf expands his immersive Schtick

DENVER – “Do you have a vape pen or invisible gun?” the security guard asked, looking in my bag as I walked through a metal detector. Meow Wolf’s immersive schtick is back in business with the opening of a new 90,000 square foot franchise in Denver. In Santa Fe, visitors enter the multiverse through a […]

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ ‘Sopranos’ prequel is dry macaroni with no sauce

The Many Saints of Newark, David Chase’s return to organized crime from his HBO mafia epic The Sopranos, is a project which encountered many obstacles from the start. TV shows rarely make a triumphant transition to the big screen. The original series was a perfectly stand-alone affair with an exceptional (and hotly debated) finale. Star […]

Meet the hilarious fake referees who keep fans entertained at Blue Jays games

In the career of every MLB player, the time has come to hang up the spikes. The same goes for the referees, although their departure towards sunset is not nearly (if ever) publicized as the retirement of the players. Next are those who imitate MLB referees. For a span of 11 years, the seats behind […]

TV Recap: “Gabby Duran and the Lovebirds” – “Welcome to the Club” and “Dinas and Dougs”

disney channel‘s Gabby Duran and the Undecided returned with two new episodes on Friday, September 17. This is a two-for-one recap of “Welcome to the Club” and “Dinas and Dougs”. Enjoy! welcome to the club It’s time for Havensburg Junior High’s Heritage Night and Gabby is delighted with the free food. When the music starts […]

John Ivison: As the NDP, the Conservatives accuse Trudeau of dishonesty, a question looms: Who can you trust?

Breadcrumb Links New History reminds us that despite opinion polls and seat projections suggesting the Liberals have this election up for grabs, the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Author of the article: Jean Ivison Release date : Sep 17, 2021 • 25 minutes ago • 3 minutes to read • Join the conversation […]

Harris Reed on Adopting the Peacock, Finding Your Personal Style, and the Transformative Power of Jewelry

Harris Reed has the kind of energy you wish you could bottle up and save for a rainy day. After just a few minutes of discussing Zoom, there is already a remarkable sense of familiarity – as if I’ve known the designer for years. The 25-year-old is both interesting and interested, speaking with contagious confidence […]

Farrell Hall appointed Director of Inclusion for 9 Story Media Group

9 Story Media Group has announced the appointment of Farrell Hall to the newly created role of Director of Inclusion. By working with internal and external stakeholders, Farrell will be empowered to create and execute diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that will impact all aspects of the business, including the animation studio. by 9 Story, […]

Tasty Tuesday: Nonno Carlo

This week for Tasty Tuesday, we came to Morgantown, in the authentic Italian Nonno Carlo grocery store. Nick, what a beautiful restaurant you have. Let’s talk about the name of the restaurant, Nonno Carlo. Nick DeMedici: “Nonno in Italian means grandfather, and Carlo was my grandfather with whom I was very close. So Carlo is […]

What it’s REALLY like to work in a charity shop

A WOMAN gave a hilarious look at what it’s like to work in a charity shop. TikTok user Ash, who has more than 840,000 subscribers, shared a series of fun stories from the workshop – including unboxing donations to find poo and the weird questions customers have asked him. 4 Woman revealed the truth while […]

Man stumbles upon Judy Garland’s blue and white Dorothy dress

Judy Garland’s name, handwritten in her 1939 costume (Photo: The Catholic University of America) From the book by L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz (1939) was one of the first examples of the beauty of Technicolor film technology. In particular, the legendary blue and white plaid dress and sparkling ruby ​​slippers worn by a […]

The best Olympians on TikTok

TikTok’s growth has been explosive. A social media app that allows users to post short lip-synced videos, music, talent or comedy, the platform has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times globally. (source: detection tower) and has become a favorite of Gen Z digital natives. Rather than the fancy, filtered Instagram posts, TikTok users celebrate all […]

Rich, rhythmic dance and hip-hop fusion music: up-and-coming artist #dad and producer Masta Keey unveil new hip single

Masta Keey presents Getting everyone to hit the dance floor, rap artist #daddy captivates listeners with body-shaking salsa and hip-hop beats with new single “Taco Shop”. BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug 5, 2021 / – Showcasing unique showmanship and varied musical prowess through a touching and uplifting rap single “Taco Shop” from music label Masta […]

Top 10 best Anker Iphone 5 screen protectors 2021 – Bestgamingpro

Top 10 Best Anker Iphone 5 Screen Protectors 2021 # Overview Product 1 SPARIN Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 11 / XR 6.1 inch, Pack of 4 Tempered Glass with … Check price now 2 JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, 6.1 inch, Tempered Glass Film, Pack of 2 Check price now […]