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Mercia Asset Management: Luxury handbag restaurateur aims for further growth after £ 800,000 fundraiser

A company that restores and resells luxury handbags to customers around the world has raised £ 800,000 from the North East Venture Capital Fund (NEVF), supported by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Mercie, and private investors, to support its growth. The investment will allow Handbag clinic to create some 20 new jobs […]

The 80s Montage: Glamorous Pieces for the Holiday Season | Hers | Style

OK, “Freedom Day” is behind us and life seems to be pretty much back to normal. But after a year of lockdown, we’re still exercising our freedom to party like in 1989. Combine that with the distinct feeling that the festive celebrations are going to start by October of this year, and one thing becomes […]

The playbook to develop strategic brand moats – Brand science

Fabien Di Marco Founder and Managing Director, Tzu & Co Fabian is an experienced digital marketing and business strategist. He has been a global consultant for some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands, like Qantas and Western Union, as well as B2B behemoths like Amcor and ICL. Fabian works primarily in the retail, […]

Bare legs, new talent and vintage luxury on the Milan catwalks

For the first time since March last year, Milan hosted Fashion Week. Between September 21 and 27, 43 physical shows were on the program, plus 41 events and 98 presentations, mainly for the public. Security measures were sometimes strict, with a greatly reduced number of seats. For quite a few labels, this resulted in the […]

Emerging Luxury Handbag Leader Hammitt Joins Pioneering “Going Public®” Streaming Series

LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hammitt, an emerging leader in the premium handbag market, is the latest company to join the cast of “Become public®, “an all-new revolutionary series, debuting on October 19. Broadcast on, Going Public will feature companies that accept investments from viewers, while they watch. The show […]

Rosewood Bags San Francisco Hotel Project

F4 Transbay Partners has chosen Rosewood Hotels & Resorts to manage a new ultra-luxury program on the West Coast, comprising 180 rooms and suites designed by Joyce Wang Studio. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts is embarking on this exciting development in partnership with F4 Transbay Partners, a joint venture between Hines, Urban Pacific and the real […]

The NFT Revolution: LuxFi Launches Asset-Backed NFT Marketplace for Luxury Assets – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Buying a Rolex watch or a Chanel bag with Bitcoins? This becomes possible with LuxFi. With the vision of bridging the gap between real-world luxury assets and digital assets (NFT), LuxFi has announced the planned launch of its NFT marketplace. The introduction of LuxFi’s marketplace allows everyone to buy, sell and invest in luxury assets […]

This is what a Ryder Cup player’s busy daily schedule looks like

Through: Luke Kerr-Dineen September 25, 2021 The Ryder Cup is perhaps the busiest golf week for players and their teams. Getty Images HAVEN, Wisconsin – Most professional sporting events take place later in the day – in prime time or mid-afternoon. Golfers are among the few professional athletes who operate without the luxury of sleeping. […]

Mauro Morandi: What the famous Italian hermit did next

(CNN) – For almost 33 years he lived a hermit life on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, where he was the only inhabitant. Mauro Morandi, known as the Italian Robinson Crusoe after developing a loyal following online, was the keeper of the Sardinian island of Budelli, embracing the silence, solitude and calm of nature […]

Are handmade and personalized clothing good for the planet?

There is nothing more appealing to a consumer than a product designed specifically for them. Whether the pieces meet a person’s measurements, style or color preferences, they impart a sense of individuality and creativity to the wearer – and in the fashion industry, these features are among the most valuable and most valuable. more profitable. […]