Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset fashion and iconic Balenciaga outfits

When Beyoncé wrote the lyrics ‘it should cost a billion to look this good’, there’s no doubt she was referring to Christine Quinn in frayed jeans Balmain minidress and a fries handbag, causing drama on sell sunset. For five seasons, villainy with a high-end wardrobe and an even higher ponytail brought all the fashion and fun to the million-dollar reality series. Sadly, however, it’s been reported that his time on the show has come to an end.

Let’s say things as they are. We weren’t tuned to see brokers ringing a bell when their property is in receivership (we still don’t know exactly what that word means). No, we were there to watch Christine roll her eyes when they did. We’ve watched the ASMR of her acrylic nails tapping absolutely nothing work-related into her Macbook, or the chaotic-themed open days she’s organized – which we half-suspect were purely put on so that she could spend on botox, couture and caviar (we would too!). We watched her show up at the office to wreak havoc on co-workers’ relationships and friendships wearing sham nude jumpsuits, Bratz doll heels and head to toe. Chanel.

But while she may not return to the Netflix series, a few Fashion Week appearances over the past few seasons – and becoming a Balenciaga babe — suggest we’re sure to see plenty more of Christine Quinn’s iconic looks, this time on the runway or sitting front row, rather than a list from Beverly Hills. Nonetheless, here are some of our favorite chaotic evil queen’s best fashion moments so far.

‘Selling Sunset’, Season 1 Episode 8, 2019

Christine has a habit of showing off anyone who dares to stand within 10 feet of her. For example, this time she strutted casually through LA traffic in this animal print patchwork leotard alongside sheer lace skintight pants that made Mary look like she had put on her white jumpsuit straight out of a Shein package.

Christine in Selling Sunset Season 3 Episode 3

‘Selling Sunset’, Season 3 Episode 3, 2020

This moto-chic look is cute and edgy, but what we’re really here for is the floor-scratching endless ponytail. Christine makes fashion so simple. If it was us, we would have already tripped twice on the stairs and our hair would be tied up with street trash, a stray cat and cigarette butts.

On her wedding day, 2020

Resplendent with Gothic opulence, Christine Quinn’s wedding was part of Wednesday Addams’ dreams. With the energy of Winona Ryder beetle juice wedding dress in black, Christine walked down the aisle in a million-dollar creation made in collaboration with Galia Lahav. Every once in a while, looking under that elegant, sparkling dress and matching veil, there was a pair of Louboutin, signed by Christian Louboutin himself. How not to say “yes” to that?


‘Selling Sunset’, Season 4 Episode 2, 2021

Whether it’s a zebra at her engagement party or an orangutan at her baby shower, Christine loves an animal to match her clothes. Very pregnant for the latter, she donned a sheer, high-feathered nude dress that one could easily imagine would be in Rihanna’s maternity wardrobe as well.

‘Selling Sunset’, Season 5 Episode 1, 2022

No one makes bags like Christine Quinn. Remember the totally unusable rhinestone handbag? The mini framed Renaissance painting box bag? The basketball chain bag? All look the dead camp in the eye. In Season 5, she added to that lineup with a tasty gem. french fries purse from Chicago women’s clothing brand Akiraworn alongside a Balmain kitschy denim patchwork mini dress, Chanel jewelry, Bratz doll pumps and pastel hair jewelry that Olivia Rodrigo would die for.

Christine Quinn in 'Selling Sunset', Season 5 Episode 2, 2022


‘Selling Sunset’, Season 5 Episode 2, 2022

With Paris Hilton’s beach waves, an outfit reminiscent of a Britney Spears “Me Against The Music” and the energy of Avril Lavigne’s debut, Christine channeled the serious energy of the 2000s pop punk revival into her look to return in the office. The schoolboy shirt and voluminous loosely knotted tie were paired with a pinstripe miniskirt and matching waistcoat with a lace camisole that popped out below. To finish off the ensemble, she accessorized with a chain belt, motocross gloves, blackout sunglasses and, of course, a huge BT bag undoubtedly carrying all his broker papers. In Britney’s words, and Christine herself: You better work, bitch!

Christine Quinn for Balenciaga Couture FW22

Image courtesy of Spotlight

Walk for Balenciaga Couture FW22, 2022

It takes a very specific energy to be a Balenciaga girl – a cutthroat, above all else chic that very few can encompass. Naturally, then, Christine Quinn sat at FROW with Alexa Demie, Anna Wintour and Kanye West at the home show at the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year. But for the house’s couture show, Christine walked the runway in a hand-sewn crystal train dress that required over 3,500 hours of work! Exactly where she was born, walking the same ground as Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid, her sell sunset The era may be over (for now at least), but it looks like an even fancier trip is on the horizon.

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