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Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe responded to the controversy around her swearing-in, when she called the Queen ‘coloniser to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’, saying Australia needed to come to terms with its history and establish a treaty with the First Nations people “to truly mature as a nation”.

“[The Queen’s] all the wealth has been responsible for the worldwide murders of First Nations peoples. And it was through the Commonwealth and the colonizing regime, violent regime that they inflicted on many sovereign nations around the world,” Thorpe said. ABC Radio Melbourne today.

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has responded to the controversy surrounding her swearing-in.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“The world is talking about this country, it’s embarrassing that we don’t have a treaty. We are the only Commonwealth country in the world that does not have a treaty with its original peoples.

“We have to adapt to our times. I will not go to parliament and I will not be like everyone else and I will take years and years and years to take action. I will tell the truth and yes, the truth hurts. And I’m sorry that people are suffering. But it is the truth and we have to face it to really mature as a nation.

“Everything you see, the deaths in custody, the incarceration, the suicide, the child removal, the homelessness, the drunkenness, everything you see, for the First Nations peoples of this country, the oldest living culture in the world, these are symptoms of colonization, they are symptoms of genocide.

“That’s what we still face in our own country today. And we have to accept that. We need more truth and we need a treaty.

She also described other things she seeks to achieve or has already achieved in Parliament, including making sure ‘no public money goes to fossil fuel companies’ and establishing a women’s inquiry and missing and murdered Indigenous children.