Cristiano Ronaldo and the Louis Vuitton trunk at $ 150,000

When you earn over $ 400,000 a week, you can afford to please your loved ones with the finer things in life. Critics of Cristiano Ronaldo might accuse him of being greedy on the pitch, but outside he has never shied away from spreading wealth. See last weekend when the returning Man United hero gifted his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez with a Louis Vuitton “Malle Vendome” trunk for $ 150,000.

Posting on Instagram, Rodriguez claimed to be “speechless” in the face of the gift. La Malle Vendôme is an imposing jewelry box that was created to celebrate the opening of the new Louis Vuitton boutique on the famous Place Vendôme, more commonly known as the house of fine jewelry. The famous cobblestones have welcomed the biggest names in French jewelry since the 19th century.

As is the case with all Louis Vuitton trunks, there is much more to this absolute unity than it seems. It measures 4 feet 6 inches and houses eight drawers. There is also a bust and mirror, which means there is ample space for Rodriguez to display his extensive collection of ornaments. CR7 is also not lacking in this department: see its personalized engagement ring for women of $ 300,000 or Franck Muller Cintree Tourbillon at $ 1.5 million.

Without a doubt the most iconic element of the Louis Vuitton canon, the trunk, or “La Malle”, has been reworked in all manner of iterations over the years. It was Mr Vuitton himself who once said that almost anything can be accommodated within the confines of the famous monogrammed case. In other words, assuming you’re ready to part with some serious dough, they’ll be happy to do whatever you want to specify.

Some of the most ambitious creations over the years include a custom option that transforms into a fully functional luxury shower (keep cool when traveling, right?). Infamous, Karl Lagerfeld had a travel case built to store his iPod gear, before designing his own “boxing trunk” that housed a full-size punching bag, compatible with Floyd Mayweather (now it’s kind of a metaphor for the fashion industry we’re here for). Supreme has arguably been the most famous trunk collaborator lately, with people like Nigo, Sam Ross and BTS also releasing remixes to mark Mr. Vuitton’s 200th birthday this summer.

If Ronaldo ends up feeling jealous of his gift, maybe he can get something built to house his vast array of cleats and sneakers? Or, just buy the one that’s already on the market, thanks to a collaboration with the NBA in 2019.

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