Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland, Colorado

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Dark Heart has been brewing coffee in downtown Loveland since 2015. Around this time, the Dark Heart Coffee Bar changed from a mobile cart to brick and mortar. In the summer of 2021, the company worked hard to launch its new roasting program and new website. refresh. We spoke with co-founder, designer and roaster Justin Real to find out more.

Tell us a bit about Dark Heart Coffee Bar

Dark Heart is fueled by a love and passion for quality in all things. The dream of owning a specialty cafe started with napkin sketches and a desire for the invisible and the exceptional. In March 2015, after 10 years of planning, our dream came true; Dark Heart was tagged and born via a handcrafted mobile cart that hit the streets of downtown Loveland! Our delicious, uniquely sourced specialty coffee has been featured at 100 events large and small across Loveland, all while seeking a sacred space to feel at home. Despite heartbreaking obstacles that could have demolished our dream, Dark Heart Coffee Bar and our unwavering resilience found their brick and mortar roots in June 2017.

From a heartwarming atmosphere that honors all humans to the beautiful, pure lattes they sip, Dark Heart believes in details. We believe that specialty coffee should be accessible and spark genuine engagement. We believe in the education surrounding our passions and wish to satisfy the curiosities of our customers.

When will it all start?

After nearly a year of research, development, and consultation with awesome and respected roasters like Anne Cooper and Mark Michaelson, Dark Heart has proudly been filling our coffee shelves with our bags since November 2020. All the while bringing our back to life. coffee from pandemic closures, we have rebuilt our website and plan to launch our new site offering coffee and wholesale subscriptions this fall.

Who designed your packaging?

The amazing team at Savor Brands worked closely with designer Matt Thompson to design our packaging, and wow, did they pull off every detail of our Dark Heart bags! The bag incorporates one of our well-known designs, “The Hand” by Chad Eaton of Timber, and showcases Matt’s iconic lettering and cohesive design. We have worked with several extremely talented designers throughout the growth of our brand, and Matt Thompson has made a number of our famous designs, as seen on our Dark Heart products.

black heart coffee bar design 04

Tell us about the design

We, as the makers of Dark Heart Coffee, are incredibly inspired by craftsmanship in all things and beauty in details. Along with these high standards of craftsmanship and beauty, DH bags also had to align with our true Dark Heart aesthetic and our belief in making specialty coffee accessible to everyone. And that’s how the design was born: the brass and gold accents of our coffee are represented in the design, along with a touch of gold leaf lettering that shines against the handcrafted feel of gray bags. artisanal. Easy-to-understand brewing instructions for all of your home brewing needs and a bold reminder that “coffee is in our blood” are printed on the bag with love for our DH humans. We believe our bags are the perfect representation of our passion, heart and creativity.

Where will your coffee be available?

Our coffee is currently available in the cafe, located in the heart of downtown Loveland, and can be shipped or picked up at www.darkheartcoffeebar.com. Our coffee is also available at local restaurants and breweries, so be on the lookout!

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Coffee Design is proudly sponsored by Savor Brands, your boost in coffee by optimizing packaging designs, sustainability and technology.

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