Deepika Padukone’s Louis Vuitton pumps and shoulder bag look super chic with her coordinating ensemble

Last night was a lot of things but the word ‘chic’ dominated. A coordinated set and such luxurious accessories have entered the chat now and we can’t stop but rejoice at how Deepika Padukone championed excellence. We thought of a look and found a simple and doable way to give a lot of the limelight to our accessories. And, what makes it a bankable lesson to take from the Pathaan actress’ latest look is that she’s got that skill like no new, she’s a pro.

Deepika’s airport looks give many testimonials. She once added boots to spruce up her all-black casual travel outfit and yesterday, when another look came to play, we knew the time for note-taking had arrived. The 36-year-old was spotted outside a restaurant in Mumbai wearing a color-coordinated beige ensemble. Ensembles are renowned for the sartorial status they hold and this could be your safest and most trusted new fit. It deserves attention for its simplicity, with no prints, no colors and nothing flashy, but minimalism is honored.

Our point of interest was the cut of the outfit. A loose, loose shirt paired with straight trousers. Deepika knows best which outfit is suitable for a comfortable outing and we agree. We swooned over her casual look which delivered a stylish and edgy statement with Louis Vuitton Accessories. He landed well with what appear to be Cherie pointy toe pumps which involve patent monogram canvas, black detailing at the back and patent calfskin.

Deepika Padukone looks super cool in a coordinated ensemble paired with accessories from Louis Vuitton

The end result of her edgy look was top notch as it also included a shoulder bag from LV. For when you don’t want to carry too many objects, you can favor this accessory or opt for a tote bag. Her look also had makeup inspiration to offer. With subtle brown eyeshadow, matte makeup, pink blend of brown lipstick and filled in brows. Deepika sported a hairstyle with a bun and a pair of gold earrings that sealed her look.