Do the teachers really feel appreciated? – Inkling News

Teacher Appreciation Week was established by the National Parent Teacher Association in 1984. The week takes place May 2-6 each year. This year marks the 38th year of recognizing the week. This led to the decision to ask five teachers if they feel appreciated and how they feel about the week as a whole.

What is the most memorable gift you have received from a student?

“I think the most memorable gifts I’ve received from students in general are the notes/drawings they gave me as a sign of appreciation,” said science teacher Jacob Tourigny. “I really appreciate them and keep them all recorded on my desk as keepsakes.”

“The one that makes me feel most cherished is a photo of the student and I working on their dish at Westport Farmers Market in the fall,” cooking teacher Cecily Gans said. “I didn’t even know the photo had been taken, and it was presented in a small frame of its own (the student). I’ve received all kinds of gifts (even knives!) but this one really stands out.

A handful of my students liked me and gave me cards or small tokens, but not beyond that. Also, if you need an appreciation week for a band, that usually means they’re not appreciated the rest of the year. ”

—Heather Wirkus

Are you treated differently by students during Teacher Appreciation Week? How?

“A handful of my students liked me and gave me cards or little tokens, but beyond that, no,” said science teacher Heather Wirkus. “Also, if you need a week of appreciation for a band, that usually means it’s unappreciated the rest of the year.”

“Not at all! Honestly, I feel really appreciated most of the time, but no special treatment one week a year. (Although I really like it when students say ‘Thank you!’ at the end of class)”, Gans said.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

“When students are surprised at how much they can actually accomplish and exceed their own expectations — and that often happens,” Gans said. “You can hear it in their tone when they say, ‘This is so good!! “like it was a total surprise that they did something complicated and challenging that turned out really well.

“My favorite part of teaching is learning and laughing with my students,” said social studies teacher Jonathan Shepro.

Which course do you prefer to teach and why?

“I have always said History of the United States. I like it because of its immediacy – the topics are almost immediately connected to students’ lives,” said Daniel Heaphy, a social studies teacher. “Also, because we’re so young (relatively) as a nation, the sources are very fresh and the discussions still exciting because we’re still ‘living’ in our history.”

“I love teaching all classes, but I have some favorite units: In Food Lit: I love the catharsis assignment for the story, but the brown bag lunch is always really wonderful. In Food Arts I: cinnamon rolls… super rewarding,” Gans said. “In Culinary Arts II: Southeast Asia or Spain – simply authentic, challenging and delicious! Finally, in Advanced: The Food Truck Project is so much fun! think it’s also the project students are most looking forward to.