eBay Australia reveals fashion spending data

New South Wales leads the way in shopping for luxury handbags and sneakers on eBay, with Victoria just behind.

In the purchase data revealed to Ragtrader, eBay Australia’s Sophie Onikul said Australians are looking for premium brands with sales tripling in key categories.

“When it comes to handbags, we’ve seen double-digit growth from brands like Fendi, Gucci and Saint Laurent over the past two years.

“Sneaker sales have seen triple-digit growth over the past three years with bestsellers including brands like Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Yeezy and New Balance.

“We also saw pre-loved fashion trends with customers looking for Australian brands like Manning Cartell, Zimmermann and Country Road.

“The growth of these categories indicates increased pressure from the rising cost of living.”

New South Wales is the top state for shopping for handbags and sneakers, with Victoria just behind.

When looking at specific areas, the top five eBay postcodes for shopping for handbags are 3207 (Garden City and Port Melbourne, VIC), 4509 (Mango Hill and North Lakes, QLD), 3145 ( Caulfield East, Central Park, Darling and Darling South, VIC), 3000 (Melbourne Metro) and 2000 (Sydney Metro).

Reflecting these top states, the top five postcodes for sneaker shopping are 2170 (Liverpool and Casula, NSW), 3030 (Warribee, Point Cook and Quandong, VIC), 2036 (Matraville, Malabar and Little Bay, NSW), 3000 (Melbourne Metro) and 3977 (Cranbourne, VIC).

Besides location, Onikul said luxury shopping is also driven by age demographics.

“We’ve seen pre-loved items from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada trending on eBay, driven by younger generations who want to live more sustainably.

“Classics also stand the test of time, which means people are often willing to pay more.

“We have seen the value of classic bags such as Hermes Birkin, Dior satchels and Chanel quilted bags increase significantly over the past few years with a rare Hermes Birkin selling for 98,000 USD (approximately AUD 136,000).”

According to Onikul, the rise in sales among popular brands is attributed to the introduction of eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee which gives buyers confidence in their online purchases.

“Last year, eBay introduced more options for Seller Certified and Refurbished products to give buyers more confidence in getting the exact product they want, in the right condition, at the right price. , with a warranty as good – if not better – than what is offered on new products.

“Smartwatches have grown in popularity in recent years and refurbished watches are a great option for those who want the latest wearable technology at a lower cost.

“We expect refurbished items to be a growing trend as people continue to tighten their belts.”

Onikul called eBay a “cultural barometer,” where the company often sees demand for items that reflect current pop culture.

“We’ve seen a huge resurgence of the 2000s in recent years and now the 80s are back, with wind jacket sales up 232% and leggings up 50% earlier this year thanks to the popularity of Netflix’s hit. Strange things.

“We know Australians are more value conscious than ever right now and are looking for ways to save money while earning extra money.

“We expect this trend to continue throughout the year with sales events like Black Friday likely to be huge as people shop for pre-Christmas discounts.”