ED to tie up cars, diamonds, bags offered to Jacqueline, Nora by con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar | Exclusive

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is expected to attach gifts, including luxury cars, diamonds and bags, given to actors Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi by con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar, sources told India Today.

ED officials will soon begin the process of seizing gifts in the possession of actors in order to recover the proceeds of crime.

We suspect that the gifts are worth over Rs 10 crore was given to Jacqueline Fernandez by Sukesh Chandrashekhar between December 2020 and August 2021. Nora Fatehi received a BMW car from Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s wife, Leena Maria Paul. These gifts were allegedly purchased with extorted money, making them the proceeds of crime.

Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar is accused of extortion of Rs 200 crore of a businessman’s wife between June 2020 and May 2021.

India today learned that Nora Fatehi agreed to return the car and other gifts she received in exchange for a show in Chennai. A screenwriter who was paid Rs 15 lakh for a Sukesh Chandrashekhar project on behalf of Jacqueline Fernandez also expressed his willingness to return the money.


Jacqueline Fernandez, in her statement to ED, said Sukesh Chandrashekhar gave her two pairs of diamond earrings, two Hermès bracelets, three Birkin bags and a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. She also received two Gucci outfits and a multi-colored bracelet from the scammer.

In his statement registered under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), Sukesh Chandrashekhar said he donated up to 15 pairs of earrings, five Birkin bags and other merchandise from luxury from Chanel and Gucci to the actor. The scammer also claimed that he gave her Cartier bracelets and rings and a bracelet from Tiffany & Co. in addition to Rolex watches.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar said he gave Jacqueline Fernandez jewelry worth Rs 7 crore. He even gave her a horse called “Espuela” and four Persian cats. He gave her a Mini Cooper, which she claimed to have returned.

In addition, Sukesh Chandrashekhar also granted a loan of USD 150,000 to Jacqueline Fernandez’s sister who lives in USA and transferred Rs 15 lakh to her brother’s account in Australia. In his first statement, Sukesh said he also gave Jacqueline’s sister a BMW X5 car. However, he then retracted.

The scammer also initially said that he offered Jacqueline Fernandez’s parents a Maserati and a Porsche, but later retracted. Sukesh Chandrashekhar reportedly spent millions of rupees on the actor’s charter flight trip, hotel accommodation and food.

Karnail Singh, former director of the Enforcement Branch, told India Today: “The DE can seize assets from Jacqueline Fernandez equivalent to the amount Sukesh spent on her travel, food and stay.”

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