Emerging Luxury Handbag Leader Hammitt Joins Pioneering “Going Public®” Streaming Series

LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hammitt, an emerging leader in the premium handbag market, is the latest company to join the cast of “Become public®, “an all-new revolutionary series, debuting on October 19. Broadcast on Entrepreneur.com, Going Public will feature companies that accept investments from viewers, while they watch. The show will chronicle Hammitt’s journey as the growing company makes its way through its public offering, giving viewers a front row seat in the process.

With a mission to design a functional and fresh approach to modern handbags, Hammitt was founded in 2008, using a hybrid formula that celebrates both fashion and functionality. Hammitt handbags use high quality materials that are selected to last and meant to be cherished, with a lifetime promise that covers every piece, underscoring the brand’s commitment to longevity and durability.

“With Hammitt handbags distributed by more than 800 wholesale partners, retail giants and luxury resorts as well as our direct-to-consumer sales channels, we have grown rapidly since our inception and have maintained a constant rate of expansion, ”said Tony drockton, founder of Hammitt. “Going Public provides us with the perfect medium to present the next step in our journey as a company, and we are thrilled to introduce Hammitt to a whole new audience around the world. ”

Going Public will follow several companies in their capital raising journey. Hosted by Wall Street maven Lauren simmons, each episode will highlight the successes and pitfalls of the companies featured in launching their public offering, while taking viewers on the journey, and ultimately letting them decide if each company is worth their investment.

“Hammitt has grown steadily since its founding, building a reputation for affordable luxury handbags of enduring quality,” said Darren Marble, Co-Creator series. “Now, while on the brink of a public offering, we are excited to bring them to the program to help more viewers learn about the brand and its products, and hear the company on the investment opportunity. . ”

Going Public will be premiered on October 19, 2021, streaming on Entrepreneur.com. Hammitt is seeking investment through a public offering under Regulation A. For trade show updates, visit gopublic.com or join the conversation on Twitter at @gopublic and Instagram at @gopublic.

About the IPO®
Become public® is a revolutionary new docuseries where viewers follow the journeys of three companies as they continue their public offering. Viewers are wondering if they should invest in these companies while they are watching. Become public® is produced by the Emmy-nominated production studio INE Entertainment, whose credits include “MasterChef” and “The Biggest Loser”.

Additional important information about the role of Going Public and Crush Capital can be found here.

Disclosure Crush Capital 17 (b)

Hammitt’s Offer Flyer here: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1769693/000110465921114370/tm2127162d1_253g2.htm

About Hammitt
Hammitt designs to surprise and delight with every innovation, keeping one step ahead of its customers’ craziest wishlists. Whether it’s an accessible cell phone pocket, laptop sleeve, six-way reversibility, or straps that adjust to every height, there are nuggets of functionality in every Hammitt silhouette. Plus, every zipper and piece of hardware comes with a lifetime promise of free repairs, so the Hammitt woman can plan to pass her favorite styles down to generations to come.

To connect with HAMMITT Los Angeles: www.hammitt.com // @hammittla

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