Emma Chamberlain unhappy with see-through top on LA balcony

Emma Chamberlain was deep in the trash while rocking a see-through crop top as she failed to bring a smile to an Instagram share showing a rainy day in Los Angeles. The YouTuber and Chamberlain Coffee founder, who kicked off the trends this year as she achieved A-Lister status, has retained her signature social media sense of humor. Louis Vuitton, but the self-deprecating and sarcastic Emma didn’t go anywhere.

Posting for her 14.5 million followers in October, Emma uploaded two stunning shots from a balcony, and it was skinny on both the outfit and the caption as fans only had one sad face.

Emma Chamberlain Shows Her Grumpy Side In LA

Scroll on for the pic, one coming shortly after Emma graced this year’s pic Met Gala ball in New York – of course, the entrepreneur wore Louis Vuitton.

This time around, pulling out of all the brand’s screaming, the Los Angeles-based star has updated herself after a high-profile trip to Paris, France. She posed in front of ordinary blue painted railings and from a balcony overlooking the hills and buildings of the City of Angels, showcasing her slender figure while wearing a black and sheer crochet crop top, as well as dark jeans. bodycon with a swirling floral pattern on the hip.

Also glancing at a pink bra, the star sported simple undertones as she hugged her shoulders for a somewhat vulnerable finish – her caption, meanwhile, was a simple sad-faced emoji.

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Over 2.4 million likes have been left, including one from 25-year-old Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney. “You’re back in LA, is that why you’re sad?” one fan asked – they didn’t get an answer.

Chamberlain was flaunting his high-profile European travels via glitzy, old-fashioned hotels, gallery tours, and mouth-watering French cuisine, but it looks like the social media sensation is back in the land of Dunkin ‘Donuts and In-N-Out. Paris, however, brought more than just photos as the star presented Forbes France.

Emma, ​​20, was still a teenager when she was profiled by Refinery29, this as she expanded her already impressive coffee empire.

“My love for coffee started when I was maybe 10 years old. I used to go to cafes with my mom and literally have a latte that was just a bunch of froth and that was it. I also went to cafes throughout my childhood with my dad, and it was such a great memory, ”she told the store. Chamberlain Coffee has just under 400,000 Instagram followers.

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