For the price of a new car, Louis Vuitton sells an airplane-shaped handbag

When it comes to high-end designer accessories, car-priced handbags aren’t exactly uncommon. Look no further than the limited-edition Hermes Birkin bags, for which a waiting list of at least two years is still in place (unless you’re Cardi B or someone equally famous, and you can just walk into a store and pick up two from the display). The price of a Birkin can be as high as $ 1.9 million if you want something truly exotic like Rouge H Porosus Crocodile, made with porous crocodile skin, 18k white gold hardware, and diamond decorations.

The value of this type of accessory, you should know, tends to increase over time. It’s more of an investment than a silly expense.

That said, Louis Vuitton has a new tote. Launched in January 2021 with the men’s fall / winter collection, this is a mid-size bag that sells for $ 39,000. And it’s shaped like an airplane. You can see photos of the bag in the gallery above.

With this collection, Louis Vuitton’s chief designer, Virgil Abloh, challenges male archetypes, with the aim of transforming everyday objects into wearable art. The airplane, a symbol of childhood, imagination and travel, is thus transformed into an accessory and is available on buttons, like buttons on oversized coats, on earrings, as decoration on sweaters, and, finally, transformed into a monogrammed travel bag. The implication is that, once you buy it, you can either play or wear it.

The difference between the legendary Birkin and this LV handbag isn’t exactly subtle. Birkins are kept in vaults and temperature-controlled rooms, much like you would a car or other valuable collector’s item. The Keepall LV is for you to play with or wear without irony, and do so knowing you paid $ 39,000 for it. It’s like wearing a Toyota Avalon or maybe a Kia Telluride on your forearm, but, you know, sleeker and silly at the same time.

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