Gucci’s AirPods Max case costs twice as much as the actual headphones

We’ve always thought the AirPods Max carrying case looked like a purse (or a bra). Well, now you can get a genuine Gucci handbag-style case for your Apple on-ear headphones.

The Ophidia case for AirPods Max is exclusively available for purchase from the Gucci online store, and it costs twice the price of Apple’s already expensive headphones, at a whopping $980 / AU$1,360.

The Gucci bag isn’t as expensive in the UK, costing £645. It’s only around £100 more than the AirPods Max themselves – and what’s £100 more if it gets you access to the Gucci gang?

apple airpods max case

The Apple AirPods Max Smart Case already looks like a handbag/bra hybrid. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Adorned in Gucci’s beige and ebony monogrammed canvas with gold hardware and brown leather accents, the Ophidia case certainly looks the part.

Inside is a shiny blue lining, adorned with the word “Hodiernum” – a Latin word meaning “belonging to the present day”, which Gucci says refers to the case’s juxtaposition between vintage and high technology.

It’s unclear if the Gucci case will put the headphones into a “very low power state”, like the case you get with the AirPods Max. This state is designed to save battery power. It would be a shame if you shelled out almost $1,000 for a case that didn’t do as much as the one you get for free with your AirPods Max.

Fashion and tech: an alliance made in heaven

a louis vuitton connected watch

Louis Vuitton’s latest smartwatch. (Image credit: Louis Vuitton)

While the idea of ​​a Gucci earphone case might seem strange, the fashion house also sells generic over-ear headphones cases, AirPods Pro cases and iPad cases.

Wearable technology and high fashion have always had a close relationship. French fashion house Balmain has designed a pair of Beats headphones, Chanel sells plenty of tech accessories, and Louis Vuitton has a range of luxury smartwatches. Headphones lend themselves particularly well to fashion collaborations, with many music lovers seeing them as an accessory to brighten up their outfits in their own right.

After all, not too long ago we heard that all the cool girls were wearing wired in-ear headphones with cables hanging from their ears as a fashion accessory. Of course, a cheap pair of headphones isn’t as much of an investment as a designer carrying case for you AirPods Max – and we’re saying we won’t see too many commuters with Gucci cases on our daily commute.