Harrods gets their hands on classic green and gold plastic bags for paper versions after 50 years

Four million plastic bags a year must be removed from landfills as upscale London store Harrods dumps distinctive bags that attract tourists

Classic Green & Gold Harrods Bag

Harrods is dropping its classic green and gold plastic brackets for the paper versions.

The chic people’s store is joining the war on plastic and will do away with its iconic green and gold racks.

The upscale West London store will remove four million plastic bags per year from the landfill as they will be replaced with 100% recyclable bags.

Harrods said the new-look bags that replace the signature originals will be phased in by the end of the month.

Unchanged for 50 years, the store’s signature single-use bags have attracted tourists, but the luxury retailer admitted it was time to scrap them.

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Harrods is an upscale store in Knightsbridge, London


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Harrods Managing Director Michael Ward said: “The update to our iconic carry bag is long overdue.

“As proud as we are to see customers leave our store with the iconic Harrods green bag, in the future we want to see as little as possible.”

But shoppers heading to the gourmet food hall are warned they must bring their own bags as no carriers will be available until the Lifetime Jute Bags launch later in the year.

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The redesign is part of the luxury brand’s plans to reduce the use of plastic across the board, from plastic packaging and plastic-free home deliveries to the workshop.

Mr Ward said: “Switching from one material to another makes no sense if you don’t drastically reduce waste, especially for a company with over four million bags that leave the shop every year.

“We are committed to reviewing the way bags are distributed in the store and we challenge customers to join us in reducing waste by using as few bags as possible. “

Yesterday, anti-waste campaign group WRAP said that while switching from plastic to paper is better for the environment, it called on shoppers to reuse all types of bags rather than piling them up.

Helen Bird, Strategic Technical Director of WRAP, said: “While plastic bags are more difficult to recycle, paper is recycled extensively.

“If you need a carrying bag for your groceries, then to reduce the environmental impact it is important to reuse them again and again, regardless of their composition.

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