HeartBox Scotland sends beloved Scottish products from Scotland with love

HeartBox Scotland redefines what it means to be a subscription gift box service. With each of their monthly boxes filled with authentic Scottish produce and carefully crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, this is one product you don’t want to miss! True to its name, each product deeply touches the heart of its recipient.

HeartBox Scotland was founded in 2020 by Gemma Noble and her father. With her father being a Scottish textile manufacturer for over 30 years and Gemma having previous experience in sales management, the two combined their expertise and shared love of Scotland to start their own business.

They aim to reach customers around the world who have a connection to Scotland and are missing a piece of the place they call home. All products in each HeartBox are sourced directly from small Scottish businesses that remind subscribers of the country they long to return to. In each box comes a lovely reminder and connection to their Scottish heritage.

Noble says: “Our customers have a strong emotional connection to Scotland and we want them to experience it from the moment they unpack their box. “

HeartBox combines the innovative business model of subscription box services with the thoughtful, pristine products only found working with small businesses. All products in the box are sourced from small, local Scottish businesses that each offer a unique and authentic touch of Scotland.

Noble notes, “We try to make our partnerships a win for us and our suppliers, because we want to get the best price without driving costs down too much so that it doesn’t benefit our suppliers.

The price of one Monthly subscription to Heartbox Scotland costs around $60 including delivery (£35 per month plus £8.50 international tracked delivery) when exchanged for US dollars. The value of each box is around $70-$80, making it affordable for the average customer while ensuring the boxes are filled with the best quality items.

Every gift box offered by HeartBox has something special for everyone, and each month features an exciting new box with a different theme. Each month, the next month’s box theme is revealed, along with two box previews. Boxes ship the first week of every month, and international shipping usually only takes two weeks for each box.

The next August box, which can be ordered until July 31, focuses on an important piece of Scotland’s history and heritage, their family clans. Named Our Scottish clans and their landsthis box will honor clans and their roots, tartans, names and crests.

In addition to the monthly surprise box, HeartBox released its first Heartbox golf box, which has combined the two Scottish staples of golf and textiles to produce a range of gold Harris Tweed & Tartan accessories. Included in these golf boxes are a driver’s headcover, wooden headcovers, utility club headcovers, a golf shoe bag, and a golf tee bag.

Beyond gifts for special people, Heartbox also offers Corporate gift boxes, which are the perfect way to thank a wide range of customers or employees for their loyalty and hard work. One of those, The Nevisconsists of a 100% lambswool blanket, a pair of Scott Innes Scottish Piper porcelain mugs, a New Chocolate Company salted caramel milk chocolate and a large Shearer Candles Christmas jar.

Each Heartbox is guaranteed to pass on a versatile and unique part of Scottish culture, made up of various Scottish gifts ranging from food to household items, clothing and all kinds of unique treats. For anyone who would like to receive a HeartBox each month reminding them of their Scottish ancestry, you can sign up today at heartboxscotland.com.