How to skyrocket your career using technology

In 2022, is it still possible to develop your career without using technology to help you? Absolutely – but technology certainly gives you a head start, so why wouldn’t you want to take this opportunity? Maintaining an online presence and mastering technology can seem like a chore at first, but once you understand how useful it can be, you’ll realize it’s a unique asset and opportunity you have over people in the previous decades.

Here’s how you can use technology to take your career to the next level.

1. Make yourself visible online.

It’s always been important to make sure your hard work gets noticed, whether that’s speaking up at meetings so your company realizes what you’ve done, or networking to help your skills and talent gain recognition. outside of your current organization. Thanks to technology, you no longer need to walk around in these situations in person to stand out, which many people find uncomfortable. Instead, you can do it online.

LinkedIn will be the first port of call for most people, and you can start by doing something as simple as updating your title and bio to show off your accomplishments. This way, there’s a good chance that others will stumble upon your profile, opening you up to all sorts of opportunities. You might even start sharing your thoughts on your career and industry through posts, which would further increase your visibility.

Plus, your online presence doesn’t start and end with LinkedIn, regardless of what you might assume. You can also create profiles on other social media platforms (like a public figure page on Facebook), start a blog to post on, or even set up a Twitter account. Whatever support you find most comfortable, you can find a way to make it work.

2. Take advantage of personal development opportunities.

Again, personal and professional development has always been something that matters. But while this was typically limited to in-person classes in the past, limiting you to whatever is within your budget and geographic region, technology opens up a wider range of opportunities. Head to sites like Udemy, Skillshare or Coursera and you can learn just about anything – and you can do it instantly for an affordable price.

And the opportunities don’t stop there. You might be surprised how much you can learn about social media groups, such as those on Facebook and LinkedIn. Ask your burning questions to a group of ambitious, like-minded professionals in your industry – once you know what’s out there, you’ll realize it’s crazy how many people aren’t taking advantage of it.

3. Lift others.

Many people who aren’t used to using the internet and social media for their careers assume that their followers spend all their time shouting from the rooftops about how amazing they are. But if you spend time on sites like LinkedIn or other online groups dedicated to professional growth, you’ll quickly realize that these are extremely supportive communities where everyone tries to help each other.

Use social media to not only talk to each other, but also to share articles or resources that others might find helpful, and comment on posts where you think your perspective will be appreciated. Or become a thought leader to spread these ideas more widely.

Pay it forward – you never know when it might benefit you in the future (although that shouldn’t be your only motivation, of course).

4. Find potential mentors online.

Anyone who has ever had even a casual interest in personal development will know that finding a good mentor is crucial to succeeding in anything. And having the whole world at your fingertips online makes it easier than ever. You can simply go to LinkedIn, find someone in your dream job and company, and contact them directly.

5. Never stop networking.

I hope you should now realize that being active online is more than just shouting into the air. Connecting with others is an important part of the process. Try to build and nurture relationships along the way, especially with like-minded “winners” and similar ambitions that also kill it. Often this will happen naturally if you stay in the same circles online, seeing the same names and faces pop up over and over.

6. Present yourself honestly.

This one is advice as much as anything else. It’s easy to get carried away with your online image and try to portray yourself as something you’re not, but honesty and transparency are key.

Instead of just shouting how great you are all the time, be open about your failures as well. This will often help others like you and gain a little more trust. And don’t be afraid to show some humor and personality, although it’s probably best to avoid politics and jokes that might be considered dark or offensive.

7. See the big picture.

When you’re online, it’s easy to get caught up in every like, comment, and post. Once in a while, don’t forget to look back and see the bigger picture. What are you really trying to achieve? Do your ultimate goals and visions match your online behavior? If not, think about what you need to do to stay authentic and aim for the right things.

Aim for the sky, land on the clouds.

Technology is your fast track to professional success – so grab this ticket and start the journey. All of the advice outlined here ties together and boils down to a few key principles: get online, connect with others along the way, and stay true to yourself.