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A different point of view with Dave O’Connell

It’s been a tough week for Irish Daves and Davids – ever since we found out how close we were to having our own storm, only to have it snatched away by a public vote that inexplicably went for Dudley instead. .

Never mind that Dudley barely sounds like a gust of wind, let alone a gale force storm; it just conjures up the image of a drunken Dudley Moore in Arthur, meandering all over the place – more dangerous to himself than the roof of your house.

The only consolation is that, if it wasn’t for Dudley, it still wouldn’t have been Dave – because in compiling the shortlist, our own weather forecast queen, Evelyn Cusack, made a stronger argument for Storm Diarmuid, in front of Dave. , David and even Dafydd.

The British loved Storm Dave, but one of the reasons there is an annual debate between the Met Offices is to ensure a disparate selection, with something for each of the participating nationalities.

That’s why we’ve had Barra, Pól, Seán and Méabh, and the Welsh have Arwen and maybe Gladys, and the Dutch have had Vergil and Willemien, with a few cross names like Jack, Kim, and Ruby for good measure.

But when it comes to Storm D, our Met boss Éireann didn’t even consider Dermot a compromise on Diarmuid, according to correspondence on this year’s storm naming process, as revealed under Freedom of Information this week. .

In the end, it didn’t matter in the end because people decided anyway. They had the choice between Duncan, Dudley and Dafydd. . And Dudley was the winner, perhaps – commentators think – because of former Harry Potter star Dudley Dursley. Unlike Dudley Moore.

To find out more, read this week’s Connacht Tribune.

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