I’m 28 and my mum is 54 – we tried on the same outfits from Shein’s plus size range and both looked great

TRENDING looks that transcend dress sizes have been hard to come by.

A duo proved that chic looks can not only work across body size, but also across generations.


Jasmin Marie Mitchell and her mother raised affordable Shein with designer accessories for the perfect matchCredit: TikTok/@jasminemariemitchell

Jasmine Marie Mitchell is a 28-year-old plus-size model based in Los Angeles.

She took to TikTok to show her the findings of Shein Curve, featuring her 54-year-old mother.

First, the twin pair modeled black wraparound rompers, which they each paired with designer handbags – a red Tory Burch handbag for Mitchell and a classic Louis Vuitton handbag for her mother.

In a snap, they switched to a light blue button-up mini dress, which Mitchell paired with leather trainers and her mother wore with studded gladiators.

My best friend is an XS and I'm a 4X - we wore the same Shein outfits
I'm 18 and my best friend is 8 - cheap Shein items flatter us both

Finally, they revealed two different but similar sets. The two wore a black top with blue denim shorts, but Mitchell donned a plunging V-neck while the mother opted for a higher neckline.

The mother teamed the look with black leather slides and a black leather handbag, while Mitchell accessorized a Chanel handbag and gold strappy sandals.

Viewers took to the comments to support the mother-daughter duo.

“Beautiful ladies,” one wrote. “Looks like sisters!!!!”

“Pretty smiles,” wrote another fan. “Love it!”

“Thank you,” Mitchell replied to the two.

New to TikTok, the model posted an introductory video of herself on the social media platform.

“I’ve been on social media for about 10 years now,” she said. “But I’m new to TikTok and I’ve grown quite a bit.”

“I’m originally from California and live in Los Angeles,” she said. “And I work as a plus-size model.”

“After living in Dallas for the past 15 years, I’m back,” she revealed. “I had to take a leap of faith and move to California to pursue my modeling and content creation dreams.”

They wore the same dress


They wore the same dressCredit: TikTok/@jasminemariemitchell
Stunning mother and daughter in denim and chic black tops


Stunning mother and daughter in denim and chic black topsCredit: TikTok/@jasminemariemitchell