Is Kim Kardashian cold … or is it just fashionable?

Photo credit: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is releasing her best winter clothes a bit early this season.

New York City is having a warm start to fall this year, but you wouldn’t know it from recent photos of the reality TV star and business mogul in Midtown. Here she is on her way to rehearsals for her Saturday Night Live hosting a concert this weekend in an oversized mahogany quilted coat from Balenciaga, a light purple Yeezy Gap hoodie (designed by her ex-husband, Kanye West), pink heeled boots and a pair of black leather gloves :

Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images

Photo credit: Raymond Hall – Getty Images

And here she is earlier today in a hot pink velvet Balenciaga blazer and matching gloves.

Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images

Photo credit: Raymond Hall – Getty Images

Wednesday, the keeping up with the Kardashians star wore a monochrome look that included a black Balenciaga waistcoat, leather pants, a matching turtleneck and, again, a leather baseball cap.

Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images

Photo credit: Gotham – Getty Images

But it does not stop there. On Tuesday, Kardashian went for her most over-the-top look of the week, sporting a massive coat adorned with metallic tinsel (by, you guessed it, Balenciaga) worn over a black wrap top, also designed by the label.

Photo credit: Robert Kamau - Getty Images

Photo credit: Robert Kamau – Getty Images

Of course, when you are in a private air-conditioned car, you can have a little more freedom with your outfits. But as someone whose makeup starts to melt away on the 30-second walk from an Uber to my no-elevator apartment on the second floor, I don’t know how Kardashian hasn’t suffered from heatstroke yet. Weather aside, fans have speculated that Kardashian’s recent style choices may symbolize a (creative) healing relationship with West, whose she filed for divorce back in February.

Although it is not confirmed if West is back to his ex-wife’s style (who has appeared during his last listening event for Donda in Chicago in August), according to People, megastar rapper and designer Yeezy “chatted” with Kardashian and helped her prepare for her next stint on Saturday Night Live.

“He’s giving her advice,” a source told the outlet. “She feels a lot of pressure. She wants to wow the audience.”

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