Keep your phone safe and accessible with the Phone Caddy

Keep your phone safe all day long with the Phone Caddy.


Where do you put your phone while playing golf?

In a perfect world, our phones are out of sight, out of mind so we can all enjoy the game we love. Unfortunately, the world gets in our way and very few people have the luxury of leaving their phones at home.

Most of us choose between the cup holder and the mini storage cubby, but even those are flawed. Your phone bounces, and if you’re unlucky, off the cart and onto the concrete.

Desert Fox offers a solution: the Phone Caddy.

A velcro strap secures the product to the front window of a golf cart, and two thumb screws allow you to adjust the bottom and sides of the phone holder. After sliding your phone straight into the Phone Caddy, just squeeze the two knobs and you’re good to go.

If you’re using a phone holder for your car’s air vent, the Phone Caddy is a must-have. It can be used for more than just scratch protection. With your phone at the ready, listening to music, watching the pros or using a golf GPS app is easier than ever.

The Phone Caddy comes in a small drawstring bag, and Desert Fox has a wide selection of colors and patterns (you can customize yours in bulk).

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Fully adjustable phone holder for golf carts Phone glides effortlessly for quick access to your phone Fits smartphones with 4″ to 7″ screens. For exact models, click. Fits all golf carts Durable high impact plastic Includes microfiber drawstring bag Returns are not applicable after 30 days.

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