Live your bird fashion dreams with a Pigeon designer clutch

Today is your day if you’ve ever looked at pigeons and thought, “I wish this was closer to me.” Now you can close a pigeon with this design pigeon pouch. It’s not quite a purse and not quite a bird. But if you open one wing, it reveals a small compartment that will hold a few personal items and may or may not fit your phone. It will also ensure that passers-by stare at you on the street. Neighborhood pigeons may even nod in your direction. If you ever wanted a pigeon to carry your messages, now is your chance. Without all the pesky training and cleaning. They’re currently sold out, but you can pre-order one for $890.

JW Anderson

We saw the whimsical accessory on DesignTAXIwho also brought vogue trending article to our attention. Check this out for some runway photos of the Pigeon Clutch in action, as well as some other incredibly ridiculous handbags.

Long before the Netflix show Is it cake? For the first time, designers have created accessories that look like food. There are food-shaped purses, including chocolate, pizza, and ramen styles. Or you can buy an airplane-shaped Louis Vuitton bag for $39,000. How about handbags, flip flops and other accessories that look like sushi rolls? In fact, I want those.

A pigeon clutch with an open wing to reveal the interior of the handbag
JW Anderson

There is more to pigeons than their reputation as “sky rats” suggests. Many people around the world train and race homing pigeons. A world-class bird sold for $2 million. And there’s always nostalgia for the Goodfeathers family of The Animaniacs, who have always flocked together. Whatever your reasons, the pigeon clutch can make your weird fashion dreams come true.

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