“Local for Global”: the New York debut of Indian luxury handbag brand “Aranyani”

India’s first luxury handbag brand combining traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary formats and designs, in line with the priorities of its ‘Make in India’ and ‘Local for Global’ campaigns here at the Consulate General was launched in , The exclusive ‘Aranyani’ handbag collection, meaning Forest Goddess in Sanskrit, was unveiled at a special event here at the Consulate General of India as part of efforts to bring Indian products to the world stage and boost India’s export profile. Consul General Randhir Jaiswal addressed a gathering at the event on Wednesday, saying the launch of Aranyani represents “the best India after New York” and combines the best of traditional and modern worlds.

He said it was time to create the first modern luxury handbags from India, mankind’s oldest civilization which has developed architecture and craftsmanship over the centuries. “This journey of creating luxury is actually a very personal and very uplifting journey. I believe that building a luxury brand requires positive impact at every touchpoint. We began this process by creating a workshop that respected people and our environment,” he said.

“It is India’s attempt to dive deep into our past and see how we can shape a sustainable future. “We’re putting it together,” he said. Jaiswal said the product is an idea that reflects the “vitality”, energy, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit of India today. While creating the brand, Haresh Mirpuri, Founder and Chairman of Aranyani and Sai Lakshmi Industries, told PTI that he was inspired to make the Indian name proud all over the world.

“Aranyani”, which follows a zero-waste manufacturing strategy, is a paperless and plastic-free workshop that honors its artisans by inscribing their names in each QR code of each bag, ensuring that the buyer knows who made the product, Mirpuri said. He said the brand follows a “design philosophy that reminds us of nature’s contribution to our lives by incorporating modernity into its design and art forms while utilizing traditional skills.”

The consulate said the event was part of efforts to bring Indian products to the world stage and raise India’s export profile, “a step in the direction” of the “Vocal for Local and Local for Global” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mirpuri said he was ready to launch the brand in February 2020, but the plan was impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a time that tested the strength of “our belief as growing community” bound by “SAI’s values ​​of service, outreach and inclusiveness. The company is looking to partner with select retailers in New York and also plans to open stores in London and then New York.

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  • “Local for Global”: the New York debut of Indian luxury handbag brand “Aranyani”
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