Louis Vuitton to headline Sydney Airport’s new luxury district

Sydney Airport announced plans for a new ‘revitalized’ luxury retail district in Terminal 1, the international terminal.

The airport has signed an agreement with Louis Vuitton to operate the flagship store, which will be the airport’s largest stand-alone luxury outlet.

It will be joined by 11 other brands debuting on the site, including Saint Laurent, Moncler, Bottega Veneta, Prada and Balenciaga.

The openings are slated to take place next year and each brand has signed a five-year contract to operate at the airport.

Geoff Culbert, CEO of Sydney Airport said: “We are delighted to welcome Louis Vuitton to Sydney Airport, a truly iconic brand that will anchor our luxury retail district for many years to come.

“Alongside Louis Vuitton, we will welcome 11 additional luxury brands for the first time in 2022, all on long-term agreements. The commitment of these brands demonstrates faith in the future of international travel and confidence that Sydney Airport will remain at the heart of Australia’s international air network.

The new Louis Vuitton store will be the brand’s largest in the southern hemisphere and airport bosses say its opening will “catalyze the revitalization” of the luxury airport grounds.

Dior, Loewe, Celine and Sweet monster will also open in the luxury district; Gucci is on the verge of doubling its gross floor area to approximately 300 m² and Tiffany and company moved to a new custom-designed store. Two other brands are also in negotiation with the airport.

Sydney Airport Commercial Director, Vanessa Orth said: “Before the pandemic, we saw retail trends changing. Impulse buying was on the way out, and travelers were doing a lot more research and pre-planning of their purchases. With that in mind, we’ve deliberately sought to attract iconic business partners like Louis Vuitton, who will boost preference and make the airport a full-fledged luxury retail destination.

“When the doors to our Louis Vuitton store open in 2022, Sydney Airport travelers will be able to explore the southern hemisphere’s largest collection of luxury and travel boutiques. We look forward to welcoming international passengers back to Sydney Airport and bringing the fun and glamor back to travel.

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