Olivia Frazer, Jackson Lonie: James Weir recaps meeting exes after fling

A bawdy Halloween party turned into a reality TV horror show this weekend with an awkward race between Married at first sight exes Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer, whose conflicting claims about what exactly happened at a recent racy reunion were chopped up under the glow of a jack-o’-lantern while other former contestants dressed as sexy kittens and slutty tradies were dancing nearby.

The only thing that could supercharge the drama? Enter: Domenica Calarco, the controversial couple’s nemesis, whose secret OnlyFans account was publicly revealed by Olivia on national television after the ladies found themselves at the center of an alleged glazing incident on the reality series This year.

thank goodness 51 year old MAFS Porn star Mishel Karen, contestant-turned-OnlyFans, arrived just in time to ease tensions by detailing a sex scene she had been filming all night. Like all good horror movies, this recap comes with a content warning.

24-HOUR PARTIES:In town with Australia’s new socialites

It was the haunted house of Australian nightmares at Sussudio nightclub on Friday night, where celebrations kicked off to mark Believe Advertising’s twenty-first anniversary.

The star attraction was Jackson and Olivia, who hours earlier had sparked reunion rumors with an intimate Instagram post suggesting they spent a steamy Wednesday night together. What exactly happened between the ex-lovers? There was only one way to find out: infiltrate the party and go full Gale Weathers on the couple.

“We are not back together. We’re just friends,” Jackson said when asked about the rumors he had a relationship with his ex.

The music was in full swing and he held court at the long marble bar. Shirtless and dressed like an angel, it was as if someone had planted a pair of fairy wings and a halo of feathers on the statue of David. Well… if the statue of David had glassy, ​​sweaty eyes after being on a bender.

So he didn’t spend Wednesday night with Olivia, as the Insta post suggested?

“I got too drunk and couldn’t drive home and spent the night in his guest room,” he said, carefully denying the alleged affair.

Eh. OKAY. We will keep your word.

Suddenly, Olivia appeared in the nightclub, dressed as a German waitress. It only made sense to push an influencer out of the way and sprint across the room to interrogate them on whether Jackson was lying.

“He said to me, ‘If we go out once in a while and I’m going out with someone else on Friday (at the Halloween party), don’t get mad’. And I was like, ‘ I’m not going to agree with this anyway, so we might as well hang on‘” she said, confirming Wednesday’s passionate evening as she sat in a suede booth.

“I want to be with him but he doesn’t see it. So it’s a bit of unrequited love. But it’s alright, I have faith.

Why can’t he see it?

“I think there’s just, like…I had a lot of work to do on myself when we broke up — and I did,” she said. “And I don’t think he’s seen it yet.” The last version of me he saw was a very mentally ill girl. But now I feel healed and whole and he hasn’t had a chance to see it yet.

Across the bar, Jackson was chatting with random girls. But it was OK. Moments earlier, a random guy named Will was hitting on Olivia.

“I came in as a gay barber,” Will told her, glancing down at his all-black outfit. Then he moved closer and touched her hip before sliding a hand down her lower back and asking about the German bartender costume.

She said she was originally going to dress up as a T-Rex, but her inflatable costume got punctured when her pup punched a hole in it. It was disappointing – mainly for viewers, who missed the chance to see a gay hairdresser flirt with a sexy dinosaur.

Olivia’s body then shook when she realized she had lost her purse. She looked frantically around the club and remembered it was in the nearby stall which was occupied by the 24-Hour Party People of Sydney’s social scene. She started yelling at them but they were too distracted to pose for pictures.

“Cover my ass!” she breathed as she crawled onto the padded bench seat and threw her body over the bulkhead, snatching her purse from under @TomGayUSA’s ass.

“I don’t care,” she said, catching her breath and inspecting the crushed bag.

Ancient MAFS star Mel Lucarelli burst through the burst entrance. She was late as usual. Her elaborate feathered angel costume looked fabulous, but that didn’t matter because the bar was out of free booze.

“They only have tequila left!” she screamed. “So I was like, ‘Line them up! Give me as much tequila as you can! And so he started pouring and then he was like, ‘Ugh, now we’re out of tequila!’ I’m like, ‘WHAT YOU MEEEEAN?!’ He’s like, ‘Can I give you a double shot?’ I’m like, ‘Double hit?! DOUBLE HIT?! Give me a DOUBLE BOTTLE!””

It was then that Mishel Karen, the MAFS the competing porn star turned OnlyFans, came across a booth.

Her voice was hoarse and she looked like she could break down at any moment.

“I’m really tired,” she confessed.

She was at Sexpo all day and was up late at night before filming a sex video.

“It was a massive scene,” she said. “It was long. Probably a little over an hour. Because it was actually authentic sex. You don’t usually get a lot of authentic sex for OnlyFans. But because it was genuine sex, it was fine. Really, really good.

The conversation then took a crazy turn. Well, a wilder round.

“If they don’t have an orgasm, you just use fake c*m,” she said. “Yeah, you get it at the sex shop.”

While all the other reality stars and influencers were deciding which party to go to next, Mishel was still in work mode. She had to return to Sexpo to take pictures with American porn star Johnny Sins, then prepare to film sex scenes with several girls over the weekend.

“I’m just sore and tired,” she sighed.

At the back of the bar, Jackson was chatting with a random girl dressed as a sexy kitten.

“You’re an angel!” she said, admiring her feathered wings.

He smiles. “Yeah, I’m on your shoulder to give you good advice but you were always a jerk,” he shouted over the music.

She snapped.

He stopped and leaned over. “…That sounded better in my head.”

Moments later, he was chatting with Jay Lal, a former competitor of The single personwho was dressed as a sexy devil-cheerleader.

Jackson Garlick – heir to Garlo Pie’s empire and former contestant on the bachelorette — had no doubt that Jackson The Angel would be lucky that night.

“Dude, that’s the hottest prick ever,” he looked across the crowded club at the shirtless Adonis in Fairy Wings.

The whole situation could have been disastrous for Olivia. Nobody wants to sit on the sidelines and watch the man they love prowling for a new adventure. But as the night wore on, her desire for Jackson began to fade. She was then seen in a cabin bumping into Will, the random British guy dressed as a gay hairdresser.

Then they left together – narrowly avoiding a moment that could have spelled the end of a horror movie. His MAFS sworn enemy Domenica Calarco entered the bar.

Dom didn’t know anything about the Halloween party she had just attended. It was pure coincidence that she decided to go to Sussudio with friends that night. And when she discovered that she had just missed her enemy by seconds, her facial expression resembled the white ghost mask of Scream.

“I saw Jackson and Cody (another former castmate) get into a cab and it was like seeing a ghost,” she took a deep breath as she waited at the bar.

“It’s very fitting that it’s Halloween and I’m having a nightmare – and I definitely avoided that nightmare tonight.”

Cue the shrill violins of the psychology shower scene.

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