Payday Loans for Bad Credit Utilizing Your Handbags You Loved with Citrus North

That bag was hidden in your closet, that one you’ve never used in a long time? The one you told yourself that you had to own, as it’s perfect! However, it’s just too small, or the event doesn’t seem appropriate. However, there’s a day when you’ll be tempted to wear it once more. Therefore, you can’t dispose of it. You can get a loan for it! We keep it, keep it secure, and provide you with the money you require until you are ready to get to return the bag, try citrusnorth payday loans for free today.

Receive a Cash Loan on your bags that you’ve forgotten to put away

Designer bags are an investment. If you invest in a good bag, it is worth it for years and often increases in value! Pawnbrokers at our pawnbrokers are experts in evaluating designer bags. If you require cash, make use of your bag’s worth to bridge the gap without selling the item! We offer loans on bags by top designers.


The company was founded by the city of Rome around 1925. This brand of luxury is well-known for its bags around the world. The company offers a variety of bags, from traditional to more contemporary styles.


This renowned brand was founded in France in 1900 and is now a cult brand. They’re always fashionable, starting with the “flap” bags to the range of quilted patterns and much more.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton evolved from a famous designer of trunks in France to become one famous and renowned handbag makers of all time. The monogrammed bags that the brand is renowned for are their trademark. However, they also make different styles too.

Michael Kors

New York designer Michael Kors is a recent introduction to the premium handbag industry, having the company’s beginnings in the 1980s. Popular with young ladies, The brand has an extensive line of handbags in a range of contemporary and classic designs.


The designer brand was founded in France during the early 1800s, making saddles and other accessories for horses. Their leather bags or clutches and backpacks are now among the most luxurious bags available.