Rich, rhythmic dance and hip-hop fusion music: up-and-coming artist #dad and producer Masta Keey unveil new hip single

Masta Keey presents

Getting everyone to hit the dance floor, rap artist #daddy captivates listeners with body-shaking salsa and hip-hop beats with new single “Taco Shop”.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug 5, 2021 / – Showcasing unique showmanship and varied musical prowess through a touching and uplifting rap single “Taco Shop” from music label Masta Keey Presents is about to amaze. With eclectic contributions from rapper #daddy, singer Yondo and dynamic producer Masta Keey, the new single gives off a memorable party vibe, allowing listeners to stand up and dance, following the beat and beats.

Manifesting a diverse mix of hip hop groove immersed in salsa influences, “Taco Shop” is destined to become a favorite with listeners, setting everyone up for a bite to eat at the 24-hour taco shop. A unique fusion track , the new record expresses a love for burritos and nachos through a comedic tale of amorous and foiled plots, while retaining the rich appeal of musical fusions, rooted in drums, piano, organ, bass and corns.

A collective effort, the new track showcases the brilliance of Yondo as it captures the true and authentic essence of a culture. Meanwhile, rapper #daddy maneuvers through the production of Masta Keey, with moving and captivating lyricism that effortlessly comes out of his mouth to convey a message of mindfulness, awareness and gratitude for the beloved local cuisine. .

Masta Keey Presents’ debut single “Taco Shop (feat Yondo)” is set for release on July 19, 2021, putting eclectic artist #daddy on the music map. The captivating new single will be followed by a late summer 2021 release of singer Yondo’s debut song “Love You,” a timeless narration of extending unconditional love to others and to yourself.

“This is about a man in search of his favorite local cuisine but finds himself caught in a tangle of love bombing that causes him to focus on what’s really important, ‘MY BAG‘,” Masta Keey told About the upcoming release.

Stream “Taco Shop (feat. Yondo) and make a Tik Tok video using the song, mentioning #daddy in the comments. The Tik Tok account with the most views within 30 days of the release date will receive a prize of $ 500 from Masta Keey Presents.



Masta Keey Presents is owned by creator and producer Keeyun Rondo, who is already on the rise to success, with his dynamic team of talented writers and performers, with the goal of producing fun music that millions of people love to play every day. day.

Born in the infamous town of Gary, Indiana, Keeyun Rondo faced a series of struggles, having attended five different schools at the age of 10 due to his constant travel to different neighborhoods. Cultivating and developing her talents, the artist sought meaningful relationships with her peers in dance, music, theater and art. Graduating from USC’s Thornton School of Music in 2018, Masta Keey has started to move her career in the right direction and is currently looking to her first production.



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