San Francisco TV crew security guard shot dead in attempted robbery and reporter coverage

An armed security guard hired to protect a missionary San Francisco television crew was shot and killed on Wednesday in an attempted armed robbery, the outlet said.

The KRON4 The team was in Oakland to cover a story about a recent armed robbery when shots were fired at around 12:20 p.m. and the security guard was injured.

The unidentified guard was recovering in a hospital where he underwent surgery and remains in stable but critical condition, Jim Rose, vice president and general manager of the news channel, told Fox News.


A security guard protecting a San Francisco television news crew was shot dead in an attempted armed robbery on Wednesday, authorities said.

“Our reporter was not physically injured but was naturally shaken,” Rose said. “At KRON 4, the safety of our staff is our top priority, which is why we make journalists safe when working in the field.”

“Most importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with the security guard and his family, and we wish him a full recovery,” he added.

Authorities have asked any nearby businesses or residents with surveillance cameras to verify footage of the attack.

“As you know it has been an extremely violent week. We are asking if you were in the area, have a business or live nearby, please check your surveillance footage as you may have captured the crime before, during or after it happened, “Oakland Police Officer Kim Armstead said in a video message.

The shooting came amid a wave of break-ins targeting Bay Area retailers that have put the public and businesses on alert. On Monday, looters ransacked an Oakland clothing store and took away anything they could grab in just a few minutes.

The police department warned of armed caravans roaming the city targeting clothing stores, pharmacies, retail stores and cannabis dispensaries. On Wednesday, he said the staff would be increased to resolve the issue.

On November 19, officers encountered a traveling armed caravan of hundreds of vehicles targeting cannabis companies and firing 175 bullets at police, Chief LeRonne Armstrong said on Monday.

In a ten-hour period on Saturday, several businesses were broken into and several shootings took place, he said.

“I need the help of the leaders of this city because among 124 homicides, there was not a single call for an emergency meeting to discuss gun violence in the city of Oakland,” he said. Armstrong said. “I ask council members to step in and start a conversation about the loss of life in this city. Beyond whether you support the police, there is a clear problem in this city and with which this city had to face overwhelming violence over the weekend and that is unacceptable. ”

Across the Bay from San Francisco, organized thief rings ransacked several stores over the weekend, including a Louis Vuitton store in Union Square where thousands of dollars in merchandise were stolen. Nine people have been charged in this case.


Other cities like Chicago and Los Angeles are also facing a wave of thefts involving organized thief networks.

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