Spoiled dog shows off his $75,000 closet

This furry baby is a pure sugar baby with her super expensive wardrobe.

Coco is a 7-year-old Peekapoo (a Pekingese and Poodle hybrid) and has far more luxurious dressing than most humans.

The spoiled pooch has four wardrobes worth around $75,000 made up of top luxury brands ranging from Louis Vuitton to Valentino and Tiffany & Co.

His owner, Alina Michaels, 32, loves showering her pampered pooch with lots of love and lavish products — even throwing him an annual birthday party that tops out at $5,200 per party. Coco’s parties range from a mermaid-themed event to a carnival celebration.

Her treats, toys, clothes and other monthly expenses cost around $520, which she shows on Instagram to her 51,000 fans.

Coco’s Louis Vuitton accessories range from $340 to $410.
@coco_the_peekapoo/Mercury Press

Michaels works as an insurance adjuster, as well as a fairy godmother of dogs, and is originally from Sydney, Australia. She lives with her doggie and her husband Sarmen, 39.

“Coco is my fur baby; she deserves the world. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at this point, but I love dressing her up in clothes that I love,” Michaels told Caters News.

Many of her family and friends are often confused by the amount the two spend on Coco and think they are “crazy”. However, the backlash doesn’t bother Michaels.

Coco with all her birthday presents.
Coco with all her birthday presents.
@coco_the_peekapoo/Mercury Press

She explained that Coco had over 500 items in her closet, with items including dresses, sweaters, headgear, necklaces and flower crowns.

But of course Coco needs her own car to get around. The dog has his own miniature pink Lamborghini worth over $300.

Some of the pieces Coco owns include a $410 Tiffany & Co. necklace, a Versace bathrobe costing around $180, and a Gucci bow tie ($147!). Other items include Tiffany dog ​​bowls ($215) and tutus ranging from $30 to $65 each.

Coco loves posing for the camera.
@coco_the_peekapoo/Mercury Press

Michaels added: “While I overdo it with my dog, from his parties to his wardrobe, I feel like I’m spending no more than a parent. I would love to have kids later, but right now I have a bossy little furry baby that’s got me wrapped around his paw.

The Aussie native also loves showing off her pampered pooch on the ‘Gram, and Coco has become a real social media sensation.

“As she’s a bit of an Instagram star, she’s well known for her ‘Tutu Tuesday’ posts. She has around 100 of them in a range of colors like pinks, blues, purples and oranges,” noted Michaels: “She looks fabulous in bright colors, but I love dressing her up in pink.”

MERCURY PRESS.  (Pictured: Coco in her car) This spoiled pooch has a wardrobe worth over £56,000!  Coco, the peekaboo, seven, is spoiled for choice every day on what to wear, with her FOUR WARDROBES stuffed to the brim with designer brands like Louise Vuitton and Burberry and more than 100 tutus.  Owner Alina Michaels, 32, pampers her pooch to the fullest, with lavish annual themed birthday parties costing over £4,000 (AUS$7,500) and monthly treats, toys and clothes costing over £400 (AUS$700).  SEE COPY OF MERCURY
Coco’s hot pink mini Lambo is worth over $300!
@coco_the_peekapoo/Mercury Press

Michaels also likes to match her pup and will order custom dresses for Coco, so they can wear coordinated outfits to events.

As for Coco’s birthday parties, they take “a lot of planning” and Michaels tries to “start saving from the previous year with a theme in mind.”

For her seventh birthday, Coco was celebrated with a girly pink ballerina-themed party!

The Canine Calendar social event featured a professional ballerina dance, a balloon flyer who made poodle balloons for all the dogs, and a photo booth.

Pampered dog with £56,000 wardrobe
Coco’s closet is full of many, many tutus, ranging from $30 to $65 each.
@coco_the_peekapoo/Mercury Press

Michaels continued, “I had personalized coconut water and a grazing table for the humans, and plenty of treats and dessert platters for the dogs.”

Guests (dogs and humans) came dressed in tutus and dresses that stuck to the theme and went home with bags of expensive goodies. The party favors consisted of candies, protein powders, vouchers and toys from a company that sponsors Coco.

“In my next life, I would love to come back as Coco,” Michaels said. “She’s living the good life.”