Suhana Khan’s black choker and Louis Vuitton handbag are chic Thursday tops

Suhana Khan isn’t even officially part of the Bollywood film industry, but as a beloved member of young celebrity circles, that’s all she needs to set the trends. A selfie session is enough for this one to get dressed like new and that’s exactly what she did this Thursday. In a series of photos posted to her Instagram Stories, Suhana is seen in a variety of poses wearing a black fitted top with a cutout crew neckline. With it, she teamed up baggy pants for a cool fit. A hand-held Louis Vuitton handbag added a designer touch as she wore her hair elegantly pulled back into a bun. Suhana Khan does it yet again.

Suhana Khan’s latest look

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For a sunny Sunday in the middle of nature, Suhana chose a black tank top paired with high waisted denim cutouts and black loafers. She wore an oversized shirt layered over her outfit and complemented it with a slung Prada bag.

One day back home, she slumped down on the sofa while admiring the view of New York from above. She wore a sports bra and sturdy cargo ships for this look and with such a view, one can imagine everything stopping to just sit back and watch.

When Suhana plays with color, she goes all out. We can’t forget the day she sunbathed while wearing a red colored bodycon dress with a pair of gold hoops and her hair in a low ponytail.

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