Sunset’s Craziest Billboard: How David Dinetz & Dylan Trussell Captured America’s Attention With Culprit Underwear

Photo courtesy of Culprit Creative / Thomas Herd

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When we think of underwear campaigns, the mind immediately jumps to the age-old view of scantily clad Glamazons and dehydrated male models, towering over passers-by from their looming perch on massive, strategically placed billboards. While this methodology has worked for traditional lingerie companies for a long time, a newcomer to the underwear industry has taken the world and the internet by storm with its rebellious approach to marketing: meet Culprit Underwear, creatives David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell taking a viral approach to underwear is changing the landscape of modern underwear, one pair of trendy briefs at a time.

As the brains behind some of your favorite ad campaigns for big companies like Beats by Dre, Mercedes and Instagram, Dinetz and Trussell’s Culprit Creative have helped established and growing brands reach new heights with their subversive approach to video. . Building on their background in cinema – there’s a good chance you’ve heard of their star-studded social media movie, Airplane Mode – Dinetz and Trussell’s impressive aesthetic and need for a new creative outlet inspired the duo to launch their own brand on the back of their eye-catching content; and thus, Culprit Underwear was born.

Entirely made and manufactured in America, Culprit Underwear embodies all of Dinetz and Trussell’s signature stamps: meticulous design, a unique perspective and quality production. Showcasing a collection designed for both men and women, Culprit helped the world say goodbye to boring underwear, replacing overrated tights with a range of subversive prints, colors and subscriptions catapulting Culprit to the underwear brand. – fastest growing clothing in America.

But the company’s ever-growing success wouldn’t have been possible without the skillful touch of Dinetz and Trussell, who lent their cinematic prowess to the brand’s unmistakably viral marketing tactics, reinforced by the strong team-focused on the video. As Culprit Underwear’s in-house commercial productions set conventional underwear ads on fire metaphorically and literally, the brand’s popularity exploded in the heart of the international covid-19 pandemic when the duo once again toppled the traditional advertising formula of underwear thanks to its own innovative approach. on the classic underwear billboard.

Mainly nestled between the towering advertisements of luxury brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton, Culprit Underwear has revealed its own massive billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in the midst of a pandemic, enlisting popular member of the vlogging team Nick ‘Jonah. ‘Antonyan as the face of the countryside. Rather than opting for a traditionally sculpted model, Antonyan’s carefree physique and adventurous pose made for an eye-catching billboard that then went viral, garnering huge social media attention and functionality. in mega-popular vlogger David Dobrik’s own YouTube videos. With the more than 8 month reign of the billboard dominating the Sunset Strip, Dinetz and Trussell’s very unique approach to marketing has helped put the Culprit Underwear brand in a household name, bolstered sales and making Culprit the go-to source for cool underwear nationwide.

By leaning into the strengths of its founders and proudly overthrowing the norm, Culprit Underwear of Dinetz and Trussell has pushed the American consumer to approach underwear from a perspective once seen as paradoxical of an industry focused on sex, a philosophy that is sure to be followed in the next two creative ventures under the umbrella of Culprit Creative, forever changing the world of modern consumerism as we know it.

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