Tasty Tuesday: Nonno Carlo

This week for Tasty Tuesday, we came to Morgantown, in the authentic Italian Nonno Carlo grocery store.

Nick, what a beautiful restaurant you have. Let’s talk about the name of the restaurant, Nonno Carlo.

Nick DeMedici: “Nonno in Italian means grandfather, and Carlo was my grandfather with whom I was very close. So Carlo is a surname. It’s been four generations now.

Let’s talk about the concept or idea of ​​bringing this food to Morgantown.

Pseudo: “If I had to boil it down to two things, the first would be the good memories I had when I was a little kid with my grandparents. My dad would go to Sammy’s which was a delicatessen in Morgantown and bring it to my grandparents house, and we ate the meats right out of the bag. So that feeling of food and family together that I wanted to keep.

“The second thing is that I have had the chance to go to Italy several times and I tell everyone to go as soon as they can because it will change your life. The things that I ‘ve seen Italy was unlike anything you see here. You see Italy on TV or in the movies, but until you see it yourself it takes on new meaning. of the tile you see on the wall, was inspired by what I saw there. If you were walking the streets in Italy, the sights and smells are what I wanted to have here. And in doing so, I was fortunate enough to honor my family in the process.

You really brought the feeling of the real authentic Italy here.

Pseudo: “One of my goals was to bring things to Morgantown that you couldn’t find anywhere else. 95% of our retail products, you will find them in less than 10% of the retailers in the United States. I didn’t want any labels on the shelf that were at least Italian and English or just Italian. And we were able to do it. All the products on our shelves are 100% imported, there are no domestic products, there are no mixed products. It’s all in the experience.

Take a look at the food Nick and his team cooked for us. It’s going to be an experience. First off, it’s a margarita pizza. We have the homemade crush / dough as well as the homemade mozzarella that we made this morning. I can’t wait to try this. I am almost in Italy tasting this pizza. It’s amazing, simple but incredibly tasty.

One thing Nick does is import most of his products from Italy. And one of those products is that pork, that pork belly. It’s the Porchetta sandwich and look at the pork inside. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good pork sandwich.

This next sandwich is the Italian sandwich with all the Italian meats inside. We are talking about mortadella, salami and capicola. It looks absolutely amazing.

Now those lovely items, the homemade ricotta, the family recipe meatballs, and the focaccia. And this mozzarella was made this morning. Wow, that flavor that I absolutely recognize. Amazing meatballs, amazing ricotta.

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