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OK, “Freedom Day” is behind us and life seems to be pretty much back to normal. But after a year of lockdown, we’re still exercising our freedom to party like in 1989. Combine that with the distinct feeling that the festive celebrations are going to start by October of this year, and one thing becomes very clear: it’s time. to dress up. Minimalists look the other way – this season it’s all about sequins, rhinestones, feathers, sequins, gathers… you name it, designers are putting it on their clothes. Here’s our guide to the ’80s-inspired pieces to invest in now.

Gabrielle Retrofest Dress

As the name suggests, Retrofête is all about vintage party pieces. A veritable explosion of sequins, lace and gathers, her deep dive into the glamor of the 70s and 80s resonated with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Gabrielle dress features hand-sewn sequins, a wrap bodice and voluminous blouse sleeves.

£ 543

Christian Louboutin Loubi54 Clutch bag

Thanks to the Spandau Ballet, nothing says “the 80s” like gold. But eminently more sophisticated than the English pop group, Christian Louboutin’s Loubi54. Its clean lines, distinctive monogram and iconic burst of red make this clutch the height of taste and class, even when dressed in gold nappa leather.

£ 825,

Top Dolman Lapointe

A high neck, long sleeve, relaxed fit top looks rather conservative, but not if Lapointe (lover of sequins, feathers and silk) has something to do with it. The Dolman top gets a shimmering update with aquamarine sequins, and there’s even matching sequin pants.

£ 722,

Bottega Veneta sequined shirt

This larger-than-life shirt, paved with shimmering tone-on-tone sequins, looks like something Axl Rose or Steven Tyler would have worn. Unless, of course, it’s Bottega Veneta (available on Net-a-Porter).

£ 1,855,

Senior Hushan Zhang Ginevra

Huishan Zhang, who recently dressed Gemma Chan for Vogue, is a master at crafting things that are, on paper, utterly over the top (like huge feather trimmings or head-to-toe sequined dresses), clean, polished, even regal. The Ginevra top is a good example, with its puffed sleeves, crystal trims and bold pink hue.

£ 1,450,

Commandos Leggings

We don’t know if we’re going to an aerobics class or a crazy night out in these body sculpting Commando leggings, but we don’t really care.

£ 165,

Roger Vivier Brooch Vivier Buckle Pumps

These Roger Vivier pumps give the Palace of Versailles an atmosphere more than an 80s party girl, but they still do the trick: Brilliant? To verify. Bejeweled? To verify. Totally overdone? You know. The Vivier Brooch is the perfect shoe for all your post-pandemic party needs.

£ 1,325,

Hobo bag Paco Rabanne

People wanted glitter, and that’s exactly what Paco Rabanne gave them. A bag made entirely of sequins, to be precise. The ironically-named Hobo bag is crafted from gold glitter and features a metal “PR” logo chain.

£ 890,

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