The battle of the it-bangle: can the Tiffany lock challenge Cartier’s love?

At Bulgari, which is also owned by LVMH, bracelets have been a big focus in recent years, says Roberto di Mauro, general manager of Bulgari jewelry. “In the jewelry sector, you have to look at the different product families and try to maximize them all. There are times when you need to strengthen your position in an area of ​​the business,” he says, referring to wristbands and adding that sales for the category have doubled in value over the past five years.

Viper is the second bracelet model introduced by Bulgari after B.Zero1 (from £5,900), and it already surpasses its predecessor, says di Mauro. The snake motif, which is a house motif featured on handbags and in branding, is a hit, says di Mauro, including among men. All Bulgari jewelry is unisex.

The De Beers RVL collection.

Photo: De Beers

De Beers’ RVL collection expands the brand’s accessible price ranges, reaching a new male customer and making its products more design-focused and less reliant on diamonds, CEO Celine Assimon said. “It is indeed new territory for us. We’ve only just launched the collection, and it’s already doing very well. We’re reaching a new audience, but we’re also reaching out to our existing clientele, especially men, who are asking for bold De Beers pieces they could wear,” she says.

Compete with love Cartier

HSBC’s Rambourg estimates that the Love franchise (meaning all product categories featuring the Love design) could be worth up to €1 billion. Cartier declined to comment. Richemont, owner of Cartier, does not break down its turnover by brand, but Rambourg estimates that its annual turnover exceeded 8 billion euros in March 2022.