The Best Handbags, According to Your Zodiac

At this point in the year, you’re likely going through some sort of reassessment. Maybe it involves your fitness routine, your work-life balance, or your finances. Or maybe, given the past two years of casual dress, you’re giving your wardrobe a bit of a refresh. If so, a good place to start (to avoid getting overwhelmed) might be your next handbag purchase. And, believe it or not, the choice of this tote accessory says a lot about your personality. That’s why, just as you might turn to astrology for relationship or career guidance, choosing a handbag that matches your zodiac sign could be a great way to kick off 2022.

Are you an ambitious, “type A” Aries with an eye for clean, cool design? Pick up an of-the-moment Bottega Veneta Cassette crossbody bag in a vibrant hue that will stand out in a crowd. Or maybe you’re a Cancer who loves all things timeless and roomy, when a roomy Telfar tote makes more sense. And then there’s dazzling Libra that gravitates towards fresh and unique: Khaite’s Etta style in a rich copper suede will surely serve you well this year.

Wherever you land on the zodiac spectrum, rest assured that there is a bag to suit your tastes and your disposition. Ahead, astrologers guide you through your next big handbag purchase. It’s time to reach for the stars.

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According to Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer and astrologer, Aries is ambitious and perfectionist and likes to work hard. “[They] don’t want to carry much in their luggage, just things that supplement their daily needs,” she says. “Designer shoulder bags in vibrant hues would be ideal.”

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer for soul unity, adds that this sign requires a bit of personality in their accessories, but the bag itself can be quite plain. “A canvas or denim tote works well, as it’s something Aries can customize with pins, patches and hand-drawn artwork.”


Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, this sign isn’t shy about leaning into trends, says Marquardt. “But sacks with a purpose will trump any trend,” he says. “Taurus is resourceful, so chic handbags made from recycled materials would be ideal.”

Simple elegance is also key here, says Ashlie Daniel, astrologer for Soultopia, who recommends an investment piece like Bvlgari’s Serpenti Forever shoulder bag.


Gemini is a very adventurous and stylish zodiac sign, says Newman. “You are always looking for something new and unusual. So a one-of-a-kind designer piece would be ideal for you.

Both Marquardt and Daniel note that a hassle-free hands-free bag that serves multiple purposes is also ideal here. “Gemini’s bag should be easy to access, something they can dive halfway through, grab what they need, and keep moving all day,” says Marquardt.


As a caretaker, Cancers like to take care of others, says Daniel. “In fashion, Cancers will always be the ones who wear the Mary Poppins purse. The best handbag for a Cancer is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote. This bag will contain a bit of everything.

Newman adds that Cancers need a bag “that can be part of your routine, doesn’t need to be changed on different occasions. You also want a bag that will last for years and years. So it would be advantageous that you have a casual and durable bag that you can carry on a daily basis.


The outgoing, confident Leo needs a bag no one else has, says Marquardt. “Leo’s perfect handbag is bold and fearless. It should be able to stand alone on a red carpet, but never outshine the Lion who wears it.

Newman adds that the flashy fire sign also loves the mismatch between retro and modern style bags with “big buckles or straps.”


As arguably the most organized zodiac sign, Virgos prefer a versatile handbag, says Daniel. “But I believe they still like it to be sleek and stylish, so the perfect handbag is [something like] the Gucci GG Marmont Double Pouch shoulder bag,” she says.

Marquardt quips that on the outside, a Virgo’s handbag should be simple, structured and streamlined. “The interior is another story,” he says. “Virgo wants lots of well-organized pockets and compartments because everything in her bag needs a dedicated home. Neutral tones are best for an understated look that pairs well with any outfit.


Libra likes to dazzle with premium textures and fabrics,” says Marquardt. “They know how to display current trends while keeping the pulse of emerging designers. Light, flowery colors and shapes help Libra achieve their romantic, approachable look.

Always-trendy Libras also have a taste for things refined, so an emerging designer fresh off the runway, cool, or a classic investment piece are appealing to this sign. “They love nice, expensive handbags,” says Daniel, who says something like a rare Hermès Birkin with an “elite price tag” is right up there with a Libra.


The intense and outgoing Scorpio loves her equally intensely colored handbags, says Newman. “You like backpacks or other bags that free up your hands,” she says.

Both Marquardt and Daniel agree that Scorpios love basics, a bag you can count on every day, even if it doesn’t always suit every outfit or occasion. “There’s no way of knowing what’s going on in a Scorpio’s bag,” says Marquardt. “Scorpions are embracing darker, more edgy bags with unexpected fabrics like velvet or faux leather. They carry their bag with unwavering confidence. Daniel adds that the mysterious and sultry water sign could also gravitate towards a beautiful yet understated handbag like a classic Chanel silhouette.


Adventurous Sagittarius loves to travel, so they prefer backpacks or large tote bags that carry all their stuff and keep them cool and hands-free, says Newman.

Marquardt supports this notion, explaining that this sign needs a bag that is adjustable and can be carried in multiple ways. “Sagittarius is constantly adapting to its ever-changing environment,” he says. “One minute they’re carrying a handbag to the local market, the next minute they’re carrying it like a backpack while hopping in an Uber.” That said, Daniel explains that the adventurous nature of this sign could also translate to trying out a new trend or a vibrant hue.


The practical, career-minded Capricorn prefers classic, professional bags in equally professional colors like black, cream, or beige,” says Newman. “You don’t have different choices in bags but ones that suit their office outfits.”

Daniel backs this up, stating that “the perfect handbag for a Capricorn is something that won’t take up a lot of space and still looks stylish.” Marquardt adds that Caps is “working hard on his bag, and they want you to know that.”


The dominant Aquarius is not one to always follow the rules. “You have your own style statements,” says Newman. “You would prefer something unique and extraordinary – a funky design with cool colors would be perfect for you.”

Marquardt agrees, saying this brand wants a handbag that helps them stand out. “Their bag should stand out in the crowd while also fitting perfectly with the Aquarius wearing it,” he says. “Aquarius is drawn to the edgy, quirky, experimental side of fashion. Bags in wild prints work well, and fanny packs can also be quite quirky.


This water sign loves fashion, but it needs something that’s not over the top, says Daniel. “This sign seems practical but likes to splurge on those guilty pleasures. The perfect handbag for them is something like the STALVEY Mini Crocodile Top-Handle Bag.

Indeed, Pisces is a free spirit that prioritizes comfort, says Marquardt. “Even though the exterior looks casual, the interior should have a strategic layout,” he says. “Pisces can spend half an hour looking for something in their bag, so purses with easily identifiable compartments help them stay organized and relaxed.”