the best new bags and scarves from the Objects collection


For avid collectors, nothing is more exciting than a new Hermès collection.

On the one hand, it answers all the burning questions they’ve been asking since last season: which bag is back? What colors and materials do they come in now? And are there any new bags introduced?

Then there is the explicit beauty of the new Hermès offerings, which we can all appreciate, collector or not. The French luxury brand is dedicated to craftsmanship like very few other fashion brands are today. He knows the value of taking the time to perfect something; their exquisite silk scarves alone are years to make

Hermès also knows the value of traditions. Throughout the history of the Maison, an array of design techniques have been passed down from one masterful craftsman to another. Owning a Hermès bag is like owning a piece of history, made entirely by hand. And if you chose wisely to pass it on as a legacy, you would keep the tradition of… well, the traditions.

This does not mean that Hermès leaves no room for modernity. As the brand’s Spring / Summer 2021 Objets collection shows us, it embraces it fully. For the new year, the brand has given the Kelly a makeover and introduced new ways to wear the Birkin. He also launched two bags that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Plot ? Below we take a look at the most amazing bags in the collection, as well as the stylish scarves that come with them.

Birkin 30 bag in Barenia Faubourg calfskin and Harness in Swift calfskin

This particular Birkin bag is not a newcomer. It is made from Barénia Faubourg calfskin, which is one of Hermès’ original saddle leathers. It is pleasantly smooth and acquires a patina over time, which will give the bag a charming and worn look.

What is new, however, is the harness. It is inspired by the bridle used for riding, but here the sturdy leather accessory is designed to keep your Birkin secure. Besides the top handle, you can now easily carry the iconic bag with a shoulder strap. We top it all off with the La Danse Des Chevaux double-sided scarf, Hermès’ very first reversible model, the colors match so well.

Birkin 35 Fray Fray bag in H twill canvas and Swift calfskin

Clearly, the S / S21 Objects collection is a treat for Birkin fans. This new version is offered in Hermes H twill canvas, light but very resistant. In this case, it’s even a little fun thanks to its frayed edges, which gives the bag its name. This makes a nice contrast to the hot pink leather used on the top half of the bag, which we think should match the equally vibrant Cheval De Fete scarf.

Kelly Sellier 28 bag in Quadrille canvas and Swift calfskin

This season, the Kelly handbag is embellished with a checkered pattern, thanks to Hermes’ use of the Quadrille canvas. Geometry is highlighted throughout the bag; its very shape is emphasized by bold lines of beige leather. It’s definitely the one to bring out when you’re serious. And what better scarf to pair it with than the double-sided Wow scarf, highlighting the Hermès woman on the go?

Aline bag in chevron printed canvas and Swift calfskin

On the other end of the spectrum is the Aline, Hermès’ casual shoulder bag. This season the canvas clutch is striped in sunset hues that will make you dream of your next beach vacation. You can insert your phone, cards and AirPods and easily carry them thanks to the leather cord of the bag. To really bring out the tangy colors of the new Aline, pair it with the Rencontre Heureuse scarf.

Perspective Cavaliere bag in Togo calfskin and Hunter calfskin

The brand new Perspective Cavaliere bag was one of only two bags to appear on the Hermes S / S 2021 catwalk. (Yes, there was no Birkin in sight.) Artistic director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, being her- even a modern worker, designed the bag with a sense of everyday ease. It is made from Togo calfskin, a light but strong and scratch resistant leather. There is also a hint of playfulness in the deceptively flat appearance of the bag (hence the name).

It comes in sizes small and large, and in classic colors like red, black and brown Рthe last of which will be nicely complemented by the fantastic Le P̩gase scarf from Herm̬s.

Mors De Bride bag in Allegro calfskin

Here is the second new Herm̬s bag. It is inspired by the equestrian leather harness Рyou can see the metal horse bit ring used in the shoulder strap. Like the Aline, the Mors De Bride bag is rather thin and can only contain the essentials. Unlike the Aline, however, it is more suitable for the evening thanks to its clean design. Pair it with the En Roue Libre scarf, another Herm̬s model inspired by equestrian equipment.

Header photo credit: Hermès


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