The deceptive fraudsters whose despicable actions landed them in jail

These scammers from all over Greater Manchester who found themselves behind bars after their deception was discovered.

Whether it was a funeral director who robbed grieving loved ones, a business owner who led a false life of luxury, or fraudsters who targeted the elderly, their shocking crimes have come together. ended by judges locking them up.

In some of these cases, victims have been swindled with thousands of pounds of hard-earned money.

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Here are some of the scammers who have been jailed in recent times.

Kirk whitehead

Kirk whitehead

Whitehead’s cheeky frauds funded a lavish lifestyle.

He enjoyed luxury vacations, dining and a trip to York, racing through crime.

Whitehead abused his position to spend more than £ 70,000 of company money on the fake life of luxury.

He used a fake resume to secure a managing director job at Homespares, a Bolton-based electrical supply company, and started claiming expenses he was not entitled to.

During this time, he used his business card to fund a luxury life and also claimed the expense for the second time by submitting the receipts as business expenses.

He then worked for another Greater Manchester company, Qualtrex, where he continued his fraudulent activity.

He was eventually scolded by detectives from GMP’s business and cybercrime unit.

Whitehead, 41, of Leeds, pleaded guilty to eight counts of misrepresentation fraud involving five companies and three counts of abuse of position fraud.

Det Con Nicola Veitch Lancaster, of GMP’s Economic Crime and Cybercrime Unit, said: “Kirk Whitehead’s horrific actions have caused great distress to his victims. challenged him.

“Whitehead was pushing his way through and would leave a trail of destruction behind, and he showed no remorse for the lives he touched.”

Sean Thompson and Caroline Preston

Caroline Preston, 39, and Sean Thompson, 48

The shocking scam tricked elderly and vulnerable people into over £ 580,000.

Sean Thompson, 48, and Caroline Preston, 39, are reportedly reaching out to vulnerable people across the country by claiming to belong to a law firm.

The pair, from Reddish, Stockport. claimed they were recovering funds lost due to the timeshare investment failure, a scam that netted them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In July, Thompson was jailed for six years and six months after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering, while Preston was sentenced to three years after admitting to the same offenses.

Detective Constable Shaun Nicholls, of GMP’s Economic Crime and Cybercrime Section, said: “What Thompson and Preston have done to the vulnerable and the elderly is shocking. I hope this result provides victims a sense of closure. “

“I also hope this demonstrates that BPF, CPS and the courts will not tolerate this criminal behavior, and we will do everything in our power to secure a conviction. Not only that, but we will move to recover all of them. proceeds of crime later this year.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to remind members of the public to be vigilant when discussing money with third parties, especially when sending funds or providing account details. . “

Shahid Khan

Khan’s crimes had “catastrophic consequences” for his victims.

He used stolen bank card information to purchase goods worth several thousand pounds, including tires, paint and copper pipes in “large quantities.”

Some of the small businesses he targeted have been hit hard by his fraud.

Khan, 27, of Clifford Street, Deeplish, Rochdale, pleaded guilty to a series of fraud offenses and in January he was jailed for four years and eight months.

Detective Constable Tracy Jones, of the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit, who investigated the case, said: “Khan’s fraudulent activity was found to be involved in the purchase of details of stolen bank cards and their use to make fraudulent purchases.

“Some of these purchases have had catastrophic consequences for the small businesses targeted by Khan, some losing thousands of pounds.

“In total, around £ 460,000 of fraudulent activity has been found to be linked to Khan.

“Crimes like this have far-reaching consequences and will be fully investigated.”

Hayley booth

The elderly victims remained “physically ill” and afraid of Hayley Booth’s crimes.

She targeted three women and a man in Bury, knocking on doors and telling people that she had raised £ 980 for charity through a sponsored walk and that she only needed £ 20 to reach her goal.

When a 75-year-old woman entered to retrieve her bag, she saw that Booth had entered her house.

The woman gave Booth £ 20 but then said she still needed another £ 10, becoming ‘in distress’.

She handed over the £ 10, before Booth returned an hour and a half later, still saying she was running out of money.

Booth had also gone to the next door home of a 73-year-old woman and defrauded her £ 17.50 with his charity scam.

She came back again and said she needed more money.

Booth was caught on CCTV from a neighbor’s doorbell camera.

The 73-year-old had felt “physically ill” and the offense had taken a toll on her mental health, while the 75-year-old had felt scared and “no longer trusted people”.

Booth pleaded guilty to four fraud and burglary offenses and, in July, was jailed for four years and two months.

Natasha Tanveer, Abdullah Tanveer and Hammad Khan

Three people were jailed for their part in a “totally dishonest” accident for cash scamming.

The Burnage accident was either “staged or entirely fictional,” a judge said.

Mum Natasha Tanveer, 29, her brother, Abdullah Tanveer, 27, and another man, Hammad Khan, 30, were all jailed.

The accident involved a Suzuki Liana, driven by Khan, and a Ford Focus registered in Abdullah Tanveer’s name, but allegedly driven by another man whose identity had been stolen by the Tanveers.

The Tanveers claimed they were injured in the alleged crash, while Khan claimed the passengers in his vehicle were also injured.

The false statement could have been worth around £ 53,000, but no money was paid.

In August, Natasha Tanveer was jailed for two years and nine months.

Tanveer was sentenced to two and a half years and Khan was locked up for two years and two months.

“Such offenses against insurers are not without victims, every driver in this country is affected by the rise in premiums imposed by what has become a widespread industry of organized fraud against insurance companies,” said a judge.

Natasha Tanveer, of Kingsway, Burnage, has been convicted of fraud. Abdullah Tanveer, of Longford Place, Longsight, and Khan, of Wallwork Street, Openshaw, admitted the same offense.

Sharon howell

Howell stole more than £ 15,000 from grieving friends and relatives while working as an undertaker.

Howell, 50, who worked for Kenworthy’s funeral service in Ashton, defrauded six victims while employed to organize funerals for their loved ones.

She defrauded her victims using the bank details they provided to pay for the funeral.

Police also discovered that the company’s resting chapel was in a “dangerous and inhumane” condition and found a body that was “clearly decomposing”.

Kevin and Linda Walker, who were defrauded of £ 3,000 following the death of Ms Walker’s brother Geoffrey Sullivan, 70, in January 2019, were in court to see Howell jailed.

Mr Walker said: “Whatever we have in this world, when you die you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity for your loved ones.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about my wife’s brother and how he was treated.”

Earlier this month, Howell was jailed for 25 months after pleading guilty to six counts of false statement fraud.

She also admitted six breaches of commercial standards related to the way she ran the funeral service.

Kenworthy’s is no longer in business and Howell has since been declared bankrupt.

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